Coons Campaign Worried About Delaware Turnout?

A tidbit from Delaware that may or may not mean anything:

Most polls have predicted that the closely watched Delaware Senate race between Democrat Chris Coons and Republican tea-party favorite Christine O’Donnell was going to be anything but close. One poll last week had Mr. Coons up by 10 points, while all the others gave him a far more comfortable margin.

But Democrats in Delaware remain skittish.

In a noon email alert to supporters, Coons campaign manager Christy Gleason said close monitoring of voter turnout in the state’s 41 representative districts showed “lower turnout in New Castle and Kent counties than we’re comfortable with.

Like I said, this could mean very little, especially since it was likely just a reflection of morning turnout. Polls close in Delaware at 8pm EST, so that’s plenty of time for the after-work crowd to hit the polling places.

And let’s put it this way, if Christine O’Donnell does win then that’s a sign that the Democratic Party is going to have a very, very bad night.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Steven W. says:

    Not buying it … the lib candidates always do this kind of e-mail midday as part of their SOP GOTV efforts election after election.

  2. Steven,

    EVERY campaign does it.

    To be honest if there is a campaign manager in either party who isn’t worried about turnout right now, they aren’t doing their job right

  3. Smooth Jazz says:

    Man O Man. It would make my night if Ms Wacko from Delaware was to pull this one out. So the snobbish, elites who look down on her can eat some crow for continually dumping on this woman – while glossing over the negatives of the bearded marxist such as his high tax agenda and marxist leanings. Having said that, I do live in South NJ right outside Phila, approx 30 minutes from the Delaware border, and it will be difficult, if not impossible, for her to pull this off given the demographics of Delaware.

    Still it would be oh so sweet for this candidate and other “dummies” like Gov Palin who are looked down on by these coastel elites if she was to pull off this miracle. At a mimimum, it would send a message to the “super smart”, Harvard educated, half term Senator masquerading as our current President. Being “smart” and polished doesn’t mean you are a leader.

  4. OneOfBillions says:

    I hope O’donnell sneaks in there. It’s a longshot no doubt. But maybe she can cast a spell or something.

    She’s a big mouth, and that’s just what we need up in DC. Someone not in the Club that will tell tails out of school.

    I just hope the Republocrats I voted for know that I expect something for my vote this time. I don’t trust them anymore then I trust the Demopublicans. We need a third party.

  5. wr says:

    Smooth Jazz — Yes, it’s okay to have an incompetent moron in one of the nation’s highest offices as long as it proves to those snobby smart people that education is bad, and that they should stop acting intelligently.

    You’re a great patriot.

  6. Smooth Jazz says:

    Please spare me the BS. This isn’t about being smart; It’s about spending and trillion dollar deficits. If you’ve read any or my posts, you will know that I’m horrified by the enormous deficits we are running. My comment regarding Christine O’Donnell and Gov Palin has to do with their passion for wanting to cut spending, while snobbish elites bash their intelligence. As if a Harvard degree makes you a great leader.

    You may not think Christine O’Donnell is smart, but she has articulated her passion about cutting spending, and that is why I think she is relevant. The Bearded marxist is a typical tax and spend liberal, even though he is a Yale grad. That is my problem. Denigrating her as a witch and a dunce belies the fact that she is passionate about about cutting spending.

  7. TBogg says:

    Nice Palin bump-it. Seriously, no woman who doesn’t live in the hinterlands wears that hairstyle in modern day America.