Elizabeth Warren: I Hope Hillary Runs In 2016

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While she continues her book tour, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is continuing to damp down Presidential speculation, this time by saying that she hopes Hillary Clinton does end up running for President:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Sunday she hopes Hillary Clinton will embark on a presidential run in 2016 – even as chatter about a White House bid heats up around the first-term Democratic senator from Massachusetts.

“All of the women – Democratic women I should say of the Senate – urged Hillary Clinton to run,” Warren said in an interview on ABC’s “This Week.” “And I hope she does …. Hillary is terrific.”

Warren is referring to a letter signed by all Senate Democratic women, including herself, last fall that privately encouraged the former secretary of state, senator and first lady to run for the White House in 2016. Though liberal activists want Warren for the presidency, the senator said in repeated interviews in the last week that she was not running in 2016.

Of course, this being American politics, everyone will assume that her continued denial of any interest in running is evidence that she is at least thinking about it. It appears to me, though, that Warren is likely being honest here. At least if Hillary runs, I doubt we’ll see Warren enter the race for the same reason that many top tier Democrats are likely to stay out of the race. If Hillary doesn’t run for some reason, though, then I would expect we’ll see some in the party turn to Warren. What she does if that happens is something we’ll have to wait to find out.

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  1. OzarkHillbilly says:

    I see the Clinton machine has already been at work on Warren. She is obviously scared to death she will be “Vince Fostered.”

  2. al-Ameda says:

    Well, if she (Warren) doesn’t run now, she’ll be 71 years old and facing a one-term incumbent in 2020. Seems to me it’s now or it’s not going to happen.

  3. Stonetools says:

    I’d like her to run… But I think the cake is baked. Hillary will be the nominee, and the Democrats will unite behind her, even if unenthusiastically. The Democrats have to win the Presidency in 2016. That’s goal one- and two , and three. WHICH Democrat wins is irrelevant, IMO. I don’t know any Democrat who doesn’t think the same- including Democrats who prefer a non-Clinton candidate.
    The more forward thinking Democrats won’t be content with just a win in 2016. They want a landslide that will bring a House majority and a filibuster proof Senate majority. They think HRC is the one most likely to have those coattails. ( I agree, BTW).

  4. Sue says:

    Hillary for President if, and only if, she’ll name Warren Secretary of Treasurer!

    A WIN-WIN for the Democratic Party and all Americans!

  5. humanoid.panda says:

    @Sue: Actually, the power of a Senator with a seat on the banking committe far outweighs that of a Treasury Secretary. A Senator can challenge the president (see the Summers appointment..), while the Secretary is, in the final account, the servant of the president.

  6. Sue says:

    You’re right. I didn’t think that through. Maybe what we need is a bunch of 67 year old people like her who won’t be swayed by what their future holds.

  7. superdestroyer says:


    Why would Elizabeth Warren want to spend her time worrying about treasury bills, the national debt, and stamps. Who was the last Treasury Secretary that had any impact on long term policy or governance? If she really wants to nationalize the banks, it would be easier from the Senate.

  8. Mushtaq Dean says:

    Mushtaq Dean

    In the public sessions, on a couple of occasions, Elizabeth Warren has praised Hillary Clinton using the word “terrific” for her.

    Her intention in doing so is indubitably straightforward but the word terrific is not treating the status of Hillary proportionately particularly when the people are looking at her as the next president.

    Warren is highly respected, highly educated. Would she bring a little change in her statement
    with ‘ Hillary is terrific, incomparable among the lot of contenders warming up for 2016 race?

    This would be more intelligible, more meaningful message.