Florida Governor Rick Scott Rebounds Slightly In Polls, Still Trails Crist

Of the Republican elected Governor in the GOP wave election of 2010, Florida’s Rick Scott has been among the most vulnerable thanks in no small part to a number of unpopular decisions on his part and the prospect that former Governor Charlie Crist will end up running against him in 2014. According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Scott’s numbers have improved somewhat but he continues to trail his predecessor by double digits:

The good news for Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R): He’s more popular than he has ever been.

The bad news: He’s still not very popular.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Scott’s approval rating rising to 43 percent — the highest mark of his tenure — versus 44 percent who disapprove. He has also narrowed the gap on former governor Charlie Crist (D) from Quinnipiac’s last Florida poll in March, when he trailed by 16 points.

But the latest poll shows Scott continues to trail by a big margin: 47 percent to 37 percent. And it also shows that just 35 percent of people say he deserves reelection, compared to 50 percent who say he doesn’t.

Crist hasn’t officially said that he will be mounting a bid to take back the Governor’s Office, and there are also reports that Alex Sink, who ran unsuccessfully against Scott three years ago, may also enter the race. However, as things stand right now, Scott is clearly vulnerable and he would likely have a tough fight on his hands if Crist ends up being the Democratic nominee next year.

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  1. Surreal American says:

    I initially read that headline as “…Still Trails Cyst.”

    Although that too would be accurate to say of Rick Scott’s popularity.

  2. Caj says:

    Rick Scott has been a disaster for Florida. Just another member of the good old boy network here! Charlie Crist will blow him out of the water if he runs in 2014. Charlie Crist was a fair minded person even when he was governor as a Republican and he did a good job.

  3. The only thing I would vote for Scott would to be jailed.