Former Christine O’Donnell Campaign Aides Against Christine O’Donnell

It’s unclear what impact it will have now that we’ve actually arrived at primary day, but the Delaware GOP is sending out a robocall today featuring Christine O’Donnell’s former campaign manger from her 2008 campaign:

Murray’s robocall is backed up by another former O’Donnell aide who sends a warning to his fellow conservatives:

Everything being said about her is absolutely true – from her house almost going into foreclosure to failing to graduate from Fairleigh Dickenson for payment delinquencies (then lying about it). She has failed to retain a full-time job for the last 5 years or so, she’s on the brink of losing her license because of speeding tickets, and she still refuses to pay her staffers from her last campaign – including a significant amount to Davy Keegan, a member of the U.S. Navy. Running your own life into the ground is one thing, but to treat a member of our Armed Forces in such a way is disgusting.

It is also true that she was fired from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute for attempting to steal their internal email list. She then turned around and unsuccessfully sued them, claiming sexual discrimination. She may talk the talk of a conservative but she certainly does not walk the walk. Christine is hoodwinking the American people into believing she actually cares about them, but she only cares about herself. Her delusions and dishonesty are unbecoming of any elected official at any level. Conservatives everywhere need to learn that we cannot take all candidates at face value without some proof of their dedication to the cause. Claiming to be a conservative is not enough.

There are more crushing components in her back story that have yet to surface, but they will if she wins the GOP nomination. The Coons campaign is licking their collective chops with a smorgasbord of opposition research that hasn’t yet seen the light of day. This is a warning to conservatives if you nominate O’Donnell: The national media will write off not only her but the entire Tea Party Movement as a laughing stock which could result in its ultimate demise.

It’s time to face facts, we lost the battle in Delaware by backing a candidate in O’Donnell who has conned the American people into believing she is a conservative – she is not. We need to cut our losses, nominate Mike Castle, and regroup for the next battle in November.

If O’Donnell does somehow manage to win today, I can’t imagine the core of the Delaware GOP uniting behind her, in which case any chance she would have to win the election would go out the window.

H/T: David Weigel

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  1. Wow–that’s quite a litany.

    Of course, one wonders how long someone will stay on the phone to listen to such a lengthy robocall!

  2. Juneau: says:

    Mataconis –  I suppose it’s just a coincidence that you only highlight negatives about conservative candidates, hmmm?  Don’t recall seeing a single topic written by you regarding the numerous democrat faux paus and foibles.  No “radical” votes, positions, or quotes from the left, huh?  Grayson from Florida comes immediately to mind, but there are certainly many, many others that rightfully stand out at least – at least – as much as anything Angle or other conservatives have said.
    Perhaps it doesn’t fit the narrative…

  3. Juneau,

    O’Donnell is running for a Senate seat that has received national attention. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t care what happens in Delaware.

    And I care even less about that clown Alan Grayson.

  4. one wonders how long someone will stay on the phone to listen to such a lengthy robocall!

    I wouldn’t know. I dropped the land line at home and I haven’t gotten a robo call for three election cycles now. I love it !


  5. Jim Henley says:

    Jesus. It’s “disgusting” to rob Davy Keegan of his salary because he’s in “our Armed Forces” rather than because he worked for the money??? Why don’t we just put little idols of generic military personnel in our churches and start praying to them?