Hart’s Location: Obama 23 Romney 9 Johnson 2

Speaking of random folks in a sleepy hamlet to whom we pay way too much attention, the other small New Hampshire town that for some godforsaken reason votes at Midnight went decisively for President Obama:

By tradition, the town of Hart’s Location, located in Carroll County, New Hampshire, is one of two locations that get to cast the first votes of the presidential election just after midnight on Election Day. The other location, also in New Hampshire, is Dixville Notch.

This year, the tiny town cast 23 votes for President Barack Obama, giving him the win over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who earned nine votes. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson received two votes.

Okay, well then I guess this means we can skip right to Inauguration Day, right?

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. James Joyner says:

    I can’t remember whether it’s Dixville Notch or Hart’s Location that decides whether we get six more weeks of winter.

  2. Jen says:

    Stop picking on New Hampshire! 🙂

    I actually think it’s nice. Small rural towns with fewer than 100 residents are permitted to vote after midnight on election day, but only if all residents eligible to vote do so.

    The only reason media pay attention is that it is the only story available, and I think the West Wing episode about Dixville Notch increased the visibility (notoriety?) of the town.

    On a more serious note, I’ve lived in several parts of the country, and I truly believe that the electorate here is more engaged than anywhere else I’ve lived.

  3. The Q says:

    Dixville Notch, I think thats the knot I tied to get my Eagle scout badge.

  4. ernieyeball says:

    @James Joyner: More winter?
    More likely it will be the provisional ballots in Taylor Township and Jamestown, Ohio that will give us six more weeks of vote counting. Thanks guys!


  5. stonetools says:

    I listened to a This American Life podcast that seemed to indicate that the folks there were sick and tired of a Tea Party Republican majority that they elected in 2010. I hope that means the voters throw the bastards out and re-elect Obama.