House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill, Rep. Giffords Returns To Vote

Early this evening the House of Representatives passed the bill raising the debt ceiling, but that took second place to something that surprised everyone in the House:

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives on Monday passed the landmark compromise to raise the debt ceiling and sharply cut spending, drawing a solid majority of the Republicans, along with a about half of the Democrats, to push through a package that was ultimately described by many as an unpalatable necessity.

Passage came after weeks of brinksmanship and backroom dealing that left few satisfied in the more liberal or conservative wings of the House, but drew just enough from each party to put a compromise over the top in time, assuming the Senate goes along, to avert what might have become a calamitous default on the nation’s debt.

The tally, which had mounted excruciatingly slowly until the final seconds, was 269-161.

Then, to growing applause, Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Democrat of Arizona, who was recovering from an attack several months ago, cast her vote, and as if a dam had burst the votes poured in.

The Giffords return had been announced only moments before the vote started when her office sent out an announcement via Twitter:

Given the partisan rancor of the past month or more, the bipartisan outburst of applause that greeted Giffords’ return to the floor of the House for the first time since January was a welcome change.

As for the bill itself, it now goes on to the Senate where it will be voted on sometime early tomorrow and sent to the President. Then, thankfully, Congress is in recess until after Labor Day.


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  1. Gustopher says:

    Then, thankfully, Congress is in recess until after Labor Day

    Bring on the recess appointments! And the Right Wing complaining about it.

  2. Jay says:

    It would have been better had Giffords not been on camera. She looked terrible for the brief time she was on screen.

  3. Neil Hudelson says:


    Who gives a sh*t what she looked like?

  4. anjin-san says:

    She looked terrible for the brief time she was on screen.

    Being alive is a beautiful thing. it’s a remarkable story – I would like to have a chance to shake her hand some day.

  5. JimBlogger says:

    So let me get this straight here. They raised the debt ceiling by (at least) $2.1Trillion and slashed federal spending by $2.4Trillion. It took them all that bickering to come up with THAT?! LOL. We’re doomed.

  6. Rob Prather says:

    @anjin-san: I would like a chance to shake her hand as well.

  7. EddieInCA says:


    You are a heartless, moronic jerk for posting that comment.

    Considering I wish to continue posting here, I’ll leave it at that, instead of what I really want to call you. Let’s just say it rhymes with hucking fassole.