Kos in Ned Lamont Senate Ads

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, the proprietor of DailyKos, is seen in ads for Ned Lamont, who is running against Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primaries. Presumably, he is meant to represent the “netroots.” While I’m clearly not the target demographic, I find them rather strange and am not sure why they would motivate someone on the fence to get off the Joementum bandwagon.

Jim Geraghty observes that, “It seems to me to be a form of a Public Service Announcement, warning that if you run against a hawkish Democrat, Markos Moulitsas and his Daily Kos band will break into your house and surround you with a creepy, not-quite-right enthusiasm.”

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Kos in Ned Lamont Senate Ads Stalker Photo

The Lamont campaign implores:

Please forward these ads to your friends. The success of the campaign depends on our ability to spread messages like these virally to friends, family and networks both online and offline.

It’s the least I can do!

What would the launch of a blog be, without a bug? Comments are buggy… thanks for the emails, working on ’em and they’ll be back.

That’s the can-do amateur spirit!

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  1. Tano says:

    I think the RW response to the ad is totally hilarious. It is so transparant. Anyone can see that the ad is totally innocuous – its actually kind of fun. Of course it doesnt say much, but just tries to give an impression of enthusiasm and popular support for the candidate. In the grand scheme of things, it is just a nice little ad, especially nice because it is sunny and positive.

    But the RW seizes on the chance to get in a few envy-driven shots at Kos, and so we hear all these loopy, over-the-top comments – “most surreal ad” etc. Dont these people realize that readers are not stupid – that we can easily figure out what they are up to?

    Or maybe the RW is deeply offended by this, because the ad utterly fails to live up to their notion of what a political ad should be – a nasty, dishonest swiftboaty hit job?

  2. McGehee says:

    …popular support for the candidate.

    Okay, I was merely enjoying the “I’m trying to convince myself” flavor of Tano’s comment until I came to this part.

    “Popular support” from Markos “0 for 18” Zuniga. Gotta love it.

  3. Tano says:


    Huh? As I said – it is trying to give the impression of popular support – I didn’t say it demonstrated popular support. Its an ad, y’know…

    And whats with this snarky talking point about Kos being 0 for 18? Sounds again like envy for the popularity of his blog. He is, obviously, one who supports candidates that are not established, mainstream candidates. By definition that means they are long-shots. Thats what one does if one is trying to build a movement. How many losing candidates did the hard right support before they started winning?

  4. McGehee says:

    And whats with this snarky talking point about Kos being 0 for 18? Sounds again like envy for the popularity of his blog.

    Why would I be envious of someone who can never manage to back a winning candidate?

  5. Neil says:

    Anyone can back a winning candidate… The entire point is to help fund the ones who aren’t top tier and getting the help they need.. The long shot candidates. If you look at money raised they are quite successful.