Duckworth and Hirono Holding Biden Nominees Hostage

Appoint more Asian American and Pacific Islanders. Or else!

Donald Trump And The Triumph Of The Conservative Grifters

At least some conservatives appear to finally be recognizing that their movement has been taken over by grifters and frauds. The only question is, what took them so long?

Podesta, Wikileaks, and Catholics

Wherein an initial attempt to understand something seen on Facebook leads to ruminations on religious liberty.

With The Midterms Done, Will Republican State Legislators Revisit Electoral College “Reforms?”

After the 2010 elections, several newly Republican state legislatures flirted with the idea of changing the way their state allocates Electoral Votes. The outcome of last weeks elections raises the possibility that this could happen again.

Obama Secretly Backing Warren Over Clinton, Declares Lying Hack

Ed Klein says he has “Democrat sources” who Obama wants Warren to continue his mission to “transform America into a European-style democratic-socialist state.”

Conservatives Attack Hillary Clinton For Being A Criminal Defense Attorney 40 Years Ago

Once again, Republicans are attacking someone for doing a job the Bill of Rights itself makes necessary and important.

Employment Numbers Rigged Prior To 2012 Election? The Evidence Doesn’t Show It

Was the Jobs Report released one month before Election Day 2012 rigged? Despite a new report, there’s no evidence to suggest that it was.

Virginia Governors and Expensive Gifts

Bob McDonnell is not the first Old Dominion chief executive to supplement their income while in office.

“Shocking” Obama Video Turns Out To Be Not So Shocking

A five year old “shocking” video of President Obama speaking to a group of African-American ministers proves to be not very shocking at all.

Are The Polls Biased Against Mitt Romney?

Many on the right are heavily invested in the argument that current polling is intentionally biased against Mitt Romney. Their argument is not very plausible.

Time For Another Round Of Pointless “Will Obama Dump Biden?” Speculation

No, Barack Obama is not going to dump Joe Biden before the Democratic Convention.

Paul Ryan Polling Worse Than Sarah Palin?

If a new Gallup poll is any indication, Paul Ryan was not a great pick.

New Polls Have Obama Ahead In Three Battleground States

Three new polls show President Obama leading in three key battleground states.

Romney Wimp Factor: Newsweek’s Tired Trope

Mitt Romney is no more of a wimp than George H.W. Bush or John Kerry.

An Appearance Of Impropriety At Justice

It’s never a good thing when an Administration is investigating itself.

Romney Fails To Deliver Knockout Punch, Will Still Win Nomination

The race will go on after Super Tuesday, but the outcome seems ineviable

Romney On CNN: `I’m Not Concerned About The Very Poor’

Mitt Romney stumbled a bit during his victory tour this morning.

What Explains The Rise In Public Distrust In Government Institutions?

Far from being an existential crisis, the recent rise in public distrust in government is easily explained.

Headline of the Day – Republican Debate Edition

Jim Geraghty wins with “Last Night, Perry Couldn’t Inoculate Himself From Attacks.”

Newsweek Mitt Romney Mormons Cover

Another sad chapter in the slow death of a once proud magazine.

National Review Offers Free Porn

A special surprise was waiting this morning for those who subscribe to Jim Geraghty’s Jolt newsletter.

Why Obama Golfs

President Obama sees the golf course as the only place to escape the pressures of the job.

No Boots on The Ground

To honor the administration’s “no boots on the ground” statements, all covert U.S. personnel in Libya will work barefoot. – Jim Geraghty

Obama Fills Out His Bracket While World Collapses

President Obama is once again catching flak for his leisure activities.

Nir Rosen Lara Logan Twitter Controversy

Tweeting feels like IM’ing but it’s more like blogging.

Palin’s Missed Opportunity

Palin’s “blood libel” speech continued to keep here in the conversation about Tucson, and not in a positive way.

Late Start to 2012 Presidential Race?

By this point in the last presidential cycle, there were already 14 major party candidates who had publicly announced. There are zero today.

Sarah Palin Blasts Media For “Blood Libel” Against Her Over Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin released a statement today about the Arizona shootings and the debate that has followed. It’s unlikely to help her.

Obama Less Popular Than Bush?!

According to a new Gallup poll, President Obama is not only less popular than George W. Bush, but the only president from the last half century less popular is Dick Nixon.

Unemployment Forecast Bad News For Obama

President Obama is likely join the ranks of the unemployed come noon on January 20, 2013 if a Fed forecast is right.

GOP House Gain Floor is 60, The Ceiling Is 71

The Republicans are currently up 60 seats and, Jim Geraghty notes, “We’re still waiting on official calls or concessions in 11 House races; all of them feature Democrat incumbents.”

3rd Party Candidates in 2010

Republicans either lost or barely won a whole lot of races because their vote was split with minor party candidates.

Tweet of the Day

Discovery channel gunman James Lee was shot at 4:48 p.m., because even the SWAT team doesn’t want to fight rush hour traffic

Rubio Leads Despite Not Running Ads

Marco Rubio is currently leading the three way race for the open Florida Senate seat, despite not spending a dime on television advertising in recent months.

Worst Figures in American History

If you think Jimmy Carter is the Worst Figure in American History, you really need to read more.

Day One Of Kagan Hearings Fail To Excite, Or Educate

Miss yesterday’s opening round of the Kagan hearings ? You didn’t miss much.