Newt Gingrich, Amateur Paleontologist

The Gingrich Grandiosity Tour continues.  Speaking on the topic of climate change, Newt said:

“I believe we don’t know. I am an amateur paleontologist. The planet has changed its temperature a number of times…If you look at the Antarctic today, you’ll figure it [must’ve been] a lot warmer when the dinosaurs were there. So what I’ve said in the past is I’m happy to take prudent measures that aren’t very expensive. So if we can find relatively inexpensive, safe nuclear power, I’m for it. The fact that Iowa produces 20 percent of its electricity from wind is fine. There’s a lot of things you can do with the margin. What I would not do is I would not turn the power over to bureaucracy to run the entire country. I have always opposed cap and trade …”

Ok, so while Santorum appeals to God, Newt just looks inward for answers on the environment…

There is an amusing Twitter feed called “Newt Gingrich Ideas” which is describes thusly:  “Newt Gingrich’s candidacy is about big ideas. This account links with Newt’s brain, so those ideas can be shared with the public.”  It is rather amusing, but I must confess:  often Newt himself says things that are almost indistinguishable from the silliness of the fictional Tweets from his brain.

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  1. ptfe says:

    He must have watched this video and thought he learned all he needed. (To be fair, he does love digging in the dirt.)

  2. Hey Norm says:

    “…What I would not do is I would not turn the power over to bureaucracy to run the entire country…”

    Um…is some one proposing that?

  3. Dustin says: