Newt’s Ex-Wife: “No Way” He’ll Ever Be President

The problem with being a politician with a past is that sometimes the past catches up with you:

Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife is speaking out for the first time, telling Esquire that there is “no way” the man she stood by during his tenure as Speaker of the House will be president.

“He could have been president,” said Marianne Gingrich in an interview for a profile on Gingrich out Tuesday in Esquire. “But when you try and change your history too much, and try and recolor it because you don’t like the way it was or you want it to be different to prove something new … you lose touch with who you really are. You lose your way.”

Asked about her ex-husband’s presidential ambitions, Marianne replied: “There’s no way.”

The former speaker’s ex-wife added that Gingrich “believes that what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected.”

“If you believe that, then yeah, you can run for president,” she said.

Gingrich has always been “impressed easily by position, status, money,” says his ex-wife.

“He grew up poor and always wanted to be somebody, to make a difference, to prove himself, you know,” she said. “He has to be historic to justify his life.”

Marianne Gingrich, who has not changed her name since divorcing the former speaker in 2000, also for the first time dished details on their marriage and how her ex-husband – now on his third marriage – asked for a divorce.

“We started talking and we never quit until he asked me for a divorce,” she told Esquire of their relationship.
Gingrich asked her to marry him “within weeks” of their relationship’s start.


“He’d already asked her to marry him before he asked me for a divorce,” Marianne said of Gingrich’s marriage to Callista. “Before he even asked [me].”

Welcome back to the big leagues, Newt.

You can read the entire Esquire profile here.

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  1. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Doug, I guess you have information the rest of us do not have about our current President.  I would like to see his passport documentation.  How about his college transcripts?  Finally, I would just love to see what or who he registered as when he went to school in Indonesia.  How about a final final.  Just for laughs, I would like to see the long form birth certificate, not certificate of live birth which does not require the presence of a doctor, to see what his little feet prints look like.  Clintions past did not hinder his election.  Why do you think an ex wife who appears to hold a grudge, prevent a very qualified man from becomming President?  By the way, it will not be Gingrich who challenges Obama in 2012.  It will be your favorite lady.

  2. John P says:

    I would like a recipe for fantastic pumpkin pie and a mix tape. I don’t want a playlist or a CD, I honestly want a real cassette tape. Please make sure that your mix tape features songs that accurately reflect how much you love Obama. Maybe throw in some acoustic Extreme, a nice jam by Color Me Badd, and something funky – like a remix of Billy Ray Cirus tunes.
    I plan on eating the pie and listening to the tape over again over again at my Palin in ‘012 party.
    @ZRIII, don’t worry buddy, I will make you a copy.

  3. An Interested Party says:

    “It will be your favorite lady.”

    Oh, well then the president is GUARANTEED to be reelected…

  4. Schooner says:

    So Doug has a post up about how Newt’s past may catch up with him and the first two comments are about Obama including the mandatory lunacy from Crankshaft.
    Is this what pases for conservatism comment these days?

  5. Schooner says:

    So Doug has a post up about how Newt’s past may catch up with him and the first two comments are about Obama including the mandatory lunacy from Crankshaft.
    Is this what pases for conservative comment these days?