Now This Is Interesting: Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf In 2006 (With Glenn Beck No Less)

You may recall that in November 2006, Pope Benedict XVI made a visit to Turkey under no small degree of tension thanks to comments he had made about Islam in the past.

Well, the guys at Media Matters have uncovered this video of a Good Morning America segment from back then that involved Imam Faisal Rauf, and Glenn Beck. While the two don’t necessarily agree during the interview, it’s interesting to see that Beck seems to accept the fact that Rauf is not one of the radical Muslims he’s so concerned about:

Leaving aside the criticism of Beck, though, the interview seems to make clear, yet again, that Rauf is not the “controversial Imam” that the likes of Sean Hannity have claimed him to be. He clearly condemns the threats against the Pontiff, and things like the Mohammad cartoon protests, as not within the bounds of Islam and, well, he’s just not the radical that the mosque opponents want to make him out to be.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Alex Knapp says:

    But… but… there’s a tape that nobody has seen that some guy I don’t know SWEARS has Rauf chanting Death to America on it! And he’s holding hands with Michelle Obama while she curses out Whitey! While they burn Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate! And guess what…. the whole time they’re ON THE GRASSY KNOLL KILLING KENNEDY!

  2. Yea wasn’t that tape supported to come out today.

    (crickets chirping)

  3. Cue the guys who will point out that sneaky Muslims lie (indeed, are required to do so), so it really doesn’t matter what they say or do, as it is all just a stealth campaign to blanket America in giant burqa.


  4. Boyd says:

    While I know that this blog isn’t written for me, and I have no say in its editorial direction, but please allow me this one snark:

    I’m glad to see that Outside the Beltway has turned into All Ground Zero Mosque, All the Time. All that other stuff going on in the world is so boring.

    *shuts up and moves on*

  5. Boyd,

    Believe me, I am looking for other stuff to talk about……..

  6. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    If that were true Mataconis, all you would have to do is review some of what his on the net. There is plenty of news, yet you appear to be obsessed with this one issue. I have been gaining the opinion Steven Taylor has some screws not torqued to spec. Reading his above comments firmly plants that a reason for what appear to be grade school yard comments. Acadamia appears to be a reservation where cowards can hide. Permitting them to lord over those who do not know better. Doug, 70% of Americans of all strip disagree with you, yet you battle on. You are either dense beyond belief or an enemy of the American way of life. Do not build an Islamic center on a spot where debris from a plane that purposefully murdered in cold blood, our countrymen. Do not tell us it is a bridge to understanding if you cannot understand we do not want it built there. It is not about whether or not you have the right to build it, but whether it is right to build it there. 70% of 300 million people say no. That is 210 million Americans say no. We did not round up Muslims after the uncalled for attacks of 9/11. We did not burn Mosques, but if keep pushing, you will find an anger the Japanese understand. This is not about race and it is not about religion. Those men who hijacked those planes were Muslims. Not Hindu’s, Buddists or any other religion, they were Muslims. Build a mosque away from the site of this or you will find we still have Ryder trucks for rent. Taylor should have fun with that last comment. He is such a fool and tool.

  7. wr says:

    Great. Zels is now threatening mass murder. He is in fact advocating a terrorist attack in downtown Manhattan. In fact, he’s advocating a terrorist attack two blocks away from Ground Zero.

    Great thinking, Zels. That wil show those sneaky Muslims. We can blow up our own cities just as well as they can.

    I hope your neighbors call the Feds on you. I thought you were a joke, but now see that you a sick, evil, dangerous man.

  8. Build a mosque away from the site of this or you will find we still have Ryder trucks for rent.

    Again, why does OTB continue to let this go on in its comment section?

  9. Zelsdorf,

    Your comments are once again violating the comment policy. I suggest you read it before you post here again:

    I should delete the portion of your comment that talks about “Ryder Trucks” but others have already commented on it, and I think it’s best to keep iodicy like that on display for all to see. You reveal much about yourself when you post things like that.

    If I see another violation, then we will have to consider banning you.

  10. Neil Hudelson says:

    “Acadamia appears to be a reservation where cowards can hide. ”

    Cowardly hiding…like trolling blogs in order to make overtly violent threats against those you disagree with, while using a fake name to hide your identity?

    Cowardly like that?