Oh Irony, How Do I Love Thee….

Nothing quite tops the irony of the Ayn Rand Institute being a non-profit organization, but this is pretty close: Founder’s College, which was started by Ayn Rand promoting Objectivists, closed after one academic year because it couldn’t pay its bills…

…and was unable to secure Federal funding.

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  1. Ken says:

    This should get happy and amused responses, because Objectivists have such a good sense of humor and are so comfortable with criticism.

  2. They only want us to THINK they closed. All of the best students were secretly given offers to attend the real Founder’s College in Colorado.

  3. peterh says:

    And “Reason Magazine’s” take on this……..***crickets*** lol….

  4. sam says:

    It gets better:

    Founders College, in rural South Boston, Va…..

    South Boston … heh

  5. Chadzilla says:

    At least they were true to their values…oh, wait. 🙂