Bowe Bergdahl To Face Court Martial For Desertion, Endangering U.S. Troops

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will face a Court Martial for the circumstances that led to his being capture and held captive by the Taliban for five years.

Do Voters Really Want A “Big Picture” Election?

Both campaigns seem to be focusing on an argument that the voters don’t want to hear.

What Have the Rich Ever Done For Us?

People who make a lot of money should whine less. But many of them are actually do create jobs.

A Resurgence From the Religious Left?

Left-wing religious groups are firing salvos against the Republican Party on the basis of Ayn Rand’s “anti-Christian” influence.

Producer Admits Atlas Shrugged: Part I Basically A Failure

The free market in action.

Megan McArdle On Atlas Shrugged: An Incoherent Mess

Even libertarians aren’t all that impressed with the effort to bring Ayn Rand’s magnum opus to the big screen.

Roger Ebert Reviews Atlas Shrugged

Roger Ebert lays the smack down on the Atlas Shrugged film — but not for the reasons you’d think.

Are we Living in the Nightmare that Rand Predicted?

Is our current economic situation the result of massive government intervention? The Randians certainly think so.

Atlas Shrugged Movie Preview

I simply do not know enough expletives to adequately express how truly horrible this film was.

On CPAC, Social Conservatives, And GOProud

On the eve of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, another shot has been fired by those boycotting the meeting due to the presence of a gay conservative group.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter Two

The blogging of Mark Levin’s magnum opus continues.

Ron v. Rand

It would appear that the Pauls have different views on Park51.

25 Greatest Americans

The competition for 25 Greatest Americans was steep. Only 3/4 of Mount Rushmore made the cut.

The Coming Republican Crackup

Will a debate over foreign policy tear apart the GOP ? Probably not.

Three Felonies a Day

Is it “impossible for men to live without breaking laws”?

Why Are CEOs Paid So Much?

Caption Contest Winners