OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Mr. Blue Skies Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Mr. Blue Skies Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: Robert W. Armijo“Say, Mr. Bill, how about some government mandated healthcare?” “Oh Noooo!”

Second: John BurgessThe chair grew an arm.

Third: KRM – TV Celebrity “Thing” Addams fired up the partisan crowd by attacking Mitt Romney as “mysterious and kooky” and “altogether ooky.”


Peterh – Go forth with your hand out…uhhh…let me rearticulate that…

Al – For a hundred and ninety one weeks running, every entry at Instapundit’s weekly photoshop contest.

al-Ameda – for Ward Cleaver

Donald Sensing“You will note that when I say, ‘forward,’ I point only to the left.”

Mr. Prosser – Mitt’s view from the canvas after the rope-a-doping stops.

MstrB – The Department of Education rolls out their new curriculum to teach The Ascension in public school


“Hey Look! He has ‘BOW’ written on his palm.”

He really is the most transparent Presidency.

The fun really started with the two teleprompters contradicted each other.

The Thursday Contest has already rolled out the barrel.

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