Palin Charging Candidates For Endorsement Trips

To say the very least, this is unusual:

Karen Handel’s campaign to win the GOP gubernatorial nomination in Georgia got a big boost when she was endorsed by Sarah Palin this summer.

But it can be expensive to be a Mama Grizzly.

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Aaron Gould Sheinin reports, Handel paid nearly $100,000 to bring Palin to an August rally ahead of a crucial runoff in the race. According to newly filed campaign reports with the state Elections Commission, Handel’s campaign paid $92,000 to an Ohio-based air charter to fly Palin to the Aug. 9 rally. The campaign also paid $13,000 to rent space at a local hotel to house the event. Handel narrowly lost the GOP nomination to Nathan Deal on Aug. 10.

While it does not appear that Palin charged a speaker’s fee for the event, Handel’s payout is unusual in that Palin’s camp had previously said she wouldn’t ask candidates to cover the costs of her campaigning for them. In an interview last year, then-Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton told me that Palin instead planned to cover travel costs through her political action committee, SarahPAC.

But hey, those are only words right ?

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  1. Brummagem Joe says:


  2. tom p says:

    Capatilism at it’s best….

    more power to her.

  3. ck says:

    I’m having trouble figuring out what your agenda is. This article has more holes than swiss cheese! So you don’t like Palin. Bully for you. Don’t turn into an ugly democrat over it and make things up to suit your agenda.

    Palin got what? Nothing! I guess you figure she should just pay all the expenses out of her own pocket.

    Re-read your story and perhaps you will see that you’ve slanted the article so badly that it’s toppled over.

  4. grampagravy says:

    $92K for a charter flight? What’s wrong with that picture?
    Maybe it’s just the high cost of kickbacks these days.

  5. anjin-san says:

    Palin is for sale. This is news?

  6. Juneau: says:

    Its “unusual” for a private citizen to expect to be reimbursed for expenses, or even *gasp* make a PROFIT (choke , spit, wash out mouth for using evil word) for traveling across the country to help raise money and support for a candidate?

    Yeah. Sure. Look! Squirrel!