Romney, RNC Raise $170 Million In September

Not to be outdone by the Obama campaign and DNC September haul of $181 million, the Romney campaign and the RNC announced today that they had raised a combined $170 million last month:

Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee together raised $170 million in September, the campaign announced Monday.

Romney for President, Romney Victory and the RNC also said they have a combined $191 million in the bank after their big September haul.

About 93 percent of the donations, or $43 million, of the total amount raised was from donors who gave $250 or less, according to the Romney campaign.


Romney’s fundraising success has continued into October. He has raised more than $27 million online this month, Romney campaign press secretary Andrea Saul tweeted. “1st 2 weeks of Oct, raised over $27mil online in low $’s alone- better than any MONTH so far,”

And, yes, the vast majority of this money will be spent, by both campaigns, over the next 22 days.

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  1. LC says:

    except of course, they were outdone, since 180 > 171.

  2. Aidan says:

    I’d certainly count $170 million as being outdone by $181 million.

  3. Tsar Nicholas says:

    Should be a pretty good horse race.

    Florida is a done deal. Hell, for their latest absurd “poll” PPP went ahead and abandoned all pretense and did the following for that state: grossly undersampled whites, oversampled Latinos and oversampled women. Seriously, check out the internals and then juxtapose them to the ’04 and ’08 exit polling data. The mind is boggled. And yet they still had Romney ahead. Stick a fork in it.

    So it all apparently comes down to OH and VA and, depending upon how those states shake out, perhaps to NH, IA, CO, WI, NV. I grieve for those who live in any of those states.

  4. Michael Robinson says:

    “Not to be outdone” is a new dog whistle.

  5. And, yes, the vast majority of this money will be spent, by both campaigns, over the next 22 days.

    By comparison, Proctor and Gamble will be spending roughly $300 million on advertising during the next three weeks.