Ruth Bader Ginsburg: No Plans To Leave SCOTUS

With Elena Kagan now confirmed, it may be a few years before we have another Supreme Court confirmation fight:

WASHINGTON — After a period of dramatic change at the Supreme Court and in her personal life, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is looking forward to being one of three women on the high court for the foreseeable future.

Although some have speculated she might step down next year, the 77-year-old Ginsburg told The Associated Press on Tuesday she has no plans to retire anytime soon and still wants to match Justice Louis Brandeis, who stepped down at age 82

There’s been some speculation that Ginsburg, who was treated for cancer several years ago, may step aside soon herself, but this appears to end those rumors. Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else on the Court who would be inclined to step aside anytime in the next two or three years. So, absent something unfortunate, we may not have an SCOTUS nominations to talk about for awhile.

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  1. Not to be morbid or to wish for it to happen, but one of them could die at any time.  Just like any of the rest of us.  And the work of staffing the various Circuit Courts of Appeal is continuous, almost as important, and almost completely invisible to the media.

  2. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Ginsburg should wait until there is a GOP President to retire.  A solid conservative court would go a long way to save the Republic