Should Justice Kagan Recuse Herself From Health Care Reform Case?

Questions have been raised about whether it is proper for Elena Kagan to hear the Affordable Care Act lawsuit.

House Democrats Call On Justice Thomas To Recuse Himself From Heathcare Litigation

House Democrats are calling on Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from any litigation regarding the Affordable Care Act. It’s a phony argument, but that’s because it has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with legal ethics.

Kagan Recuses Herself From 21 Of 40 Cases SCOTUS Will Hear In 2010-11 Term

Elena Kagan has announced that she will not participated in the consideration of more than half the cases currently scheduled to be hear by the Supreme Court when it’s new term begins in October.

Kagan Confirmed

Kagan Set To Be Least Popular Supreme Court Nominee To Be Confirmed

Elena Kagan may be smiling because her confirmation is assured, but she doesn’t have as much public support as previous nominees.

Kagan Ends Testimony With Confirmation Assured

Not surprisingly, Elena Kagan finished her testimony without giving any real ammunition to the Republicans.

Specter Opposing Kagan?

Arlen Specter is struggling with a reason not to vote against Elena Kagan.

Some Real Questions For Elena Kagan

George Will has some real questions for Elena Kagan. Too bad nobody’s going to ask them.

Kagan: Politics Separate From Judging

Elena Kagan is not telling the truth when she says her politics are “completely separate” from her judging.

Elena Kagan, Jeff Sessions Spar Over Harvard Military Recruiting Issue

The testiest exchange during today’s hearings in the Senate came when Jeff Sessions tried to confront Elena Kagan over military recruiting at Harvard Law School, and failed miserably.

Kagan Backtracks On “Meaningful Discussion Of Legal Issues”

Elena Kagan’s interest in vigorous and open confirmation hearings ended roughly the moment she was sworn in by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Day One Of Kagan Hearings Fail To Excite, Or Educate

Miss yesterday’s opening round of the Kagan hearings ? You didn’t miss much.

As Kagan Hearings Begin, Republicans Struggle For Line Of Attack

As Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings begin, Senate Republican’s seem to have very little to hold against her.

New Poll Shows Americans Don’t Know Much About The Judiciary

When it comes to the Supreme Court, most Americans have no idea what they’re talking about.

Will Republicans Filibuster The Kagan Nomination ? It Depends What You Mean By “Filibuster”

Mitch McConnell says he’s open to a filibuster of the Elena Kagan nomination, but he has a very limited idea of what a “filibuster” actually is.

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