SEIU Ad Compares Arizona Law To Berlin Wall, Japanese Internment

The Service Employees International Union is out with what may be one of the most intellectually dishonest ads I’ve seen in awhile:

There are many arguments that could be made against a border fence — ineffeciency and waste being one, the unjust use of eminent domain laws to complete it being another — but comparing it to the Berlin Wall is just absurd.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Andy says:

    Re: the Berlin Wall comparison…

    It might not be quite so absurd.  I’m not an economist, but regarding arbitrary restrictions against the free flows of labor and capital, does it matter which side is doing the restricting?

  2. That’s a fair point, but I doubt it’s the analogy that the SEIU wants people to make 😉

  3. Andy says:

    True… ha ha, I didn’t think of that angle at the time.

  4. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Andy, the Berlin wall was not to keep those outside of East Berlin out.  Given the opportunity, most will flee what you want to inflict upon us.  That was what the iron curtain was all about.  If you want free flow of labor, why not try that in North Korea?  If it does not make a difference?  I wonder where people get the idea nations do not have the right to control their borders?  Must come from some globalist doctrine, like Marxism.

  5. André Kenji says:

    There is a striking similarity with the Berlim wall: the fact that many cities(Nogales between Sonora and Arizona, Ciudad Juarez and El Paso) becomes divided.