Sharron Angle: Quote Me And I’ll Sue

Nevada’s Republican candidate for Senate doesn’t seem to like to have her own words used against her:

Sharron Angle’s campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Sen. Harry Reid’s campaign last week after a copy of her pre-primary election website was relaunched as, which was later taken down.

After winning the June 8 primary, Angle took down her website and relaunched a new, glossier and trimmer version on Thursday.

Reid’s campaign then launched a copy of Angle’s former website and accused her toning down her rhetoric on the new website.

The two-page cease and desist letter, sent on July 2 by an attorney representing the Friends of Sharron Angle, said Reid’s campaign had violated federal copyright laws and demanded Reid’s campaign forward any names and e-mails that may have been collected by the copied website.

There were differences between Angle’s former and new sites, namely a missing endorsements page and an edited, scaled-down version of her issues page. For example, the new website made no mention of her position on Yucca Mountain, which is to keep it open, and her calls to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education.

While Reid’s campaign said the cease and desist letter amounted to a frivolous lawsuit threat, the copied version of Angle’s former website had been taken down since it went up on Thursday.

The web address for is now directed to

“Make no mistake, the Reid campaign was forced to take this site down because they were breaking several laws and trying deceive voters,” said Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy. “You’re going to see a lot of dirty tricks like that from Reid’s campaign.”

In a statement, Reid’s campaign said, “Sharron Angle is trying to silence, well, Sharron Angle.”

Along with her rather stunning unwillingness to answer questions about her own positions, stuff like this just provides further support for the hypothesis that Sharron Angle may just be the best thing that happened to Harry Reid.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. john says:

    Hey Doug, a big part of the reason for the c&d letter was that Reid basically copy and pasted her old website into what amounts to a phishing site. The forms for volunteering were still active, with the only apparent reason being a way for Reid to get information on Angle supporters. You’d be better off asking Reid if anyone did sign up and what he’s done with those names. While you’re at it, ask him when he plans on sitting down for a debate with her like she’s asked.

  2. ask him when he plans on sitting down for a debate with her like she’s asked.

    And you ask her when she’s going to subject herself to real interviews rather than the phony lovefests you get on Fox News

  3. Jeff says:


    are you sure you didn’t just copy a Reid press release ?

    did you miss the interview with Jon Ralston, a prominent local reporter in Nevada …,5399

    could you show your bias any more obviously …

    Reid won’t debate …

  4. Michael says:

    It sure looks to me like Angle is in the right here. The old site being put up under someone else’s control is not only clear copyright, but leaving the contact forms intact makes it the definition of a phishing site. I have no doubt that Angle’s campaign doesn’t want the same rhetoric being on display during the general election campaign, but this is clearly a violation of several laws, and she’s right to demand that is be taken down.

  5. grampagravy says:

    I’m not so sure the Reid campaign screwed up by running Angle’s old website the way they did. Sure, there’s almost certainly a copyright issue, but that’s only going to cost Reid’s people an “oops! sorry about that,” and it gains them soundbites like “Angle’s trying to silence…Angle” and “Quote me and I’ll sue.” There’s plenty of video tape they can run showing Angle doing her nutcase dance, but these quotes are priceless!

  6. Richard Gast says:

    Let’s face it, anyone is better than Prince Harry. His comment about calling tourists smelly that visit Washington D.C. should convince anyone of that, or perhaps you prefer his blind allegiance to President Obama. Give it a break Harry, your supposed to have some space between the Senate and the WH.You Libs support ‘seperation of church and state’ which is not explicitly stated in the Constitution, but don’t support the seperation of powers between the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government which is stated in the Constitution. And as far as smelly tourists go, your going to be the tourist next year.

  7. grampagravy says:

    The “anyone is better than” argument sort of falls apart when the anyone in question calls for “second amendment” remedies if things don’t go their way. And, I’m pretty sure that support for an elected President from members of the Legislative Branch is one of the things we can hope for in order to prevent gridlock in government. Said support bears no relationship or comparison to separating government from superstition. I’m hoping to see a lot more Angle stories floating around over the next few months. The comments will provide great insight into the thinking of those who would support the “fluoride in the water is a communist conspiracy” lady. Maybe we could get all the Angle supporters a t-shirt that says “I used to be a whack-job, but now I’m a Republican-thank you Sharron!”