Sponsorship Inquiry: Paul Martin Directly Implicated

With the publication ban finally lifted on testimony by chief Adscam mechanic, Chuck Guite before the Gomery Inquiry, the first direct connections have been drawn to both former PM Jean Chretien and current PM Paul Martin (then Canada’s Finance Minister).

CG: Because I met with Mr. Gagliano. …
ROY: What exactly did you tell him and what did you get by way of an answer?
CG: I told him what was happening, and I wanted assurance that the volume of business that V&B had from the government would be maintained. We probably talked about it and so forth, and he said “I will look after that.†So I don’t — if he spoke to Mr. Manley — I think he was at Tourism then —
ROY: He was responsible for Tourism Canada —
CG: — and the Bank —
ROY: — as Minister of Industry.
CG: And I think Mr. Martin was at the Bank at that time.
ROY: In 2000?
CG: Yes, I would think so.
ROY: He was Minister of Finance?
CG: Minister of Finance.
ROY: Yes.
CG: And I got a call from Pierre Tremblay about a week later.
ROY: Saying what?
CG: Saying that “It will be done.â€
ROY: What will be done?
CG: The interfe — I don’t want to use that word — the Minister had spoken to both ministers and the volume of business would be maintained

Much, much more at Andrew Coyne. I’ve linked to the main page, as he has multiple posts – one which points out that the government owned CBC is not mentioning the Martin “smoking gun”. Most curious – unless one is aware of the tight group of Liberal patronage appointees on the corporation’s board.

This isn’t the first time Martin has been accused of interfering in advertising contracts in favour of Martin-friendly firms, though the Earnscliffe case falls outside the limited terms of reference for the Gomery Inquiry.

For his part, Paul Martin’s office has issued a blanket denial – and off to Holland he goes, in a reversal of an earlier decision not to attend VE Day ceremonies.

In a final twist, the company mentioned in the Guite testimony – Vickers and Benson – has tangled ties to the Canadian owned Power Corporation of BNP Paribas, Oil-For-Food, Maurice Strong, Paul Vocker, Jean Cretien, Paul Martin connections.


It is clear however that Vickers & Benson contributed $93,852.44 from 1993 to 2003 to the Liberal Party, including a whopping $13,933.40 in 2000, the year of the sale. John Hayter, the chairman and CEO, donated $1000 in 2000 as well.

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