Partisan News Easier to Read!

Another reason so many get their information from biased outlets.

green surgical masks on green background green surgical masks on green background

On Narratives and Covid Restrictions

Are we really being blocked from getting back to normal? And if so, what is the real barrier?

Andrew Yang, Mayor of New York City?

Would a woman with his credentials be taken seriously?

Cory Booker Will Be A Senator, But Many On The Left Don’t Seem Thrilled About That

Surprisingly, many pundits on the left don’t seem too thrilled about the idea of a Senator Cory Booker.

Has Hillary Clinton Learned from 2008 Mistakes?

Will the prohibitive favorite for the 2016 Democratic nomination do it differently this time around?

Pot Calls The Kettle Hack

Alex Pareene’s annual hack list omits an obvious candidate: Alex Pareene.

Hating Aaron Sorkin

Alex Pareene’s quip that “Aaron Sorkin is why people hate liberals” has gone viral.

Did Obama Make a Blow Job Joke? No, Of Course Not.

The crack investigative team at BuzzFeed is living up to its name with a story headlined “Did President Obama Just Make A Blowjob Joke?”

Santorum 2016?

Would Rick Santorum be the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination? Not necessarily.

9/12 Protests