Gay French Moon Dinosaur Cartoon Gay French Moon Dinosaur Cartoon

The Moon is Gay

The peculiar habit of some Indo-Europeans of assigning gender to nouns is frustrating and amusing.

Why I Like The ACLU

The New York Times Discovers That Corporate Speech Isn’t A Bad Idea After All

New York Times writer Adam Liptak discovers that a Supreme Court decision protecting “corporate speech” might not be a bad thing considering that he works for a corporation.

Virginia Thomas Now Lobbying Members Of Congress, So What?

Virginia Thomas’s political activism is once again a political issue.

Husband Charged For Reading Wife’s Emails

A Michigan man faces five years in prison for reading his wife’s email.

Law, Morality, And Incest: When Should Something Be Illegal?

The weekend arrest of a Columbia University Professor for an apparently consensual act raises some interesting questions about why precisely a specific act should be subject to criminal prosecution.

Batman: Agent of the State

Given that Batman has quasi-official sanction from the Gotham Police, aren’t his tactics illegal?

Amazon Pulls E-Book Promoting Pedophilia After Protests

Yesterday’s outrage of the day involved an odd book written by a creep, and it has lessons galore for everyone.

New York Times Shocked That Clarence Thomas’s Wife Has A Job

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia is under scrutiny ? Why ? Because she has a job.

Fear of Being Wrong on the Internet

Eugene Volokh explains why he’s not writing on a controversial subject recently in the news: He doesn’t know enough about it and doesn’t want to be wrong.

Martians Can’t Sue

Here and There

Feminist Meme