“The Toughest Times Any President Has Ever Faced” ?

In his farewell speech on Friday, Rahm Emanuel said that the Obama Administration had faced tougher times than any previous President. That is a fundamentally absurd idea.

Obama Beats Hillary, Again

A new Gallup poll shows President Obama beating Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical 2012 Democratic nomination fight. Nobody should be surprised by that.

Democrats “Major Announcement” Turns Out To Be Cheesy New Logo

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine thinks all his party’s problems will be solved with this new web site. Yea, that’s the problem you guys have this year, bad web design.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Outrage

Should anyone care that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was ridiculously lavish?

Ronald Wilson Obama ? Comparing Presidential Approval Ratings

Presidential approval ratings at the 18-month mark don’t tell you much about re-election prospects.

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