Dumb Jocks and Student-Athlete Propaganda

The student-athlete fairytale is true. Except where you would reasonably expect it to be a lie.

College Football Coaches Salaries Soar As College Budgets Fall

College football coaching salaries jumped 35 percent last year and 55 percent in the last six.

Diploma Mills: Close Enough For Government Work

Most good government jobs require a college degree–but they don’t care much whether it’s a real one.

Oregon: Plasma Screen Sports, Covered Wagon Academics

While the University of Oregon’s athletic programs are flourishing in a seas of green, its academic programs are woefully underfunded.

Presidential Motorcade DC Presidential Motorcade DC

Presidential Motorcades, Street Closures, and the Little People

The most congested part of DC was shut down at the most inconvenient time possible last evening so that President Obama could attend a partisan political event. It’s a routine outrage.

For-Profit Universities

For-profit universities are defrauding their students. Indeed, it’s their business model.

Higher Ed Salaries

Honest Obituaries