Mark A.R. Kleiman, 1951-2019

A great public intellectual, pioneering blogger, and all-around good man is gone.

Jack Lew’s Bonus

There’s an innocent explanation for giving a huge bonus to a financial exec going into government. And it still stinks.

Are Today’s College Students Dumber and Lazier?

The Wall Street Journal publishes a screed aimed at those about to graduate college.

Rick Santorum Thinks Satan Has Taken Over America

Rick Santorum is Michele Bachmann level crazy. Yet he’s arguably the Republican frontrunner right now.

Bradley Manning Jailed Naked

The saga of accused Wikileaks conspirator Bradley Manning continues to get uglier, with the military acknowledging that he was forced to spend the day naked for, well, no apparent reason.

Cutting the Budget

Wikileaks, The Pentagon Papers, And The First Amendment

The lawyer who argued The Pentagon Papers case points out how Julian Assange is not Daniel Ellsberg, and how prosecuting him could have disastrous results for press freedom in the United States.

WikiLeaks, Secrets, and Reality

The choice is between a world in which officials can share information and carry out reasoned debates with one another and a world in which nothing can be written down.

Booze Math: How Much Do Alcoholics Drink?

Experts say 80% of all alcohol sales go to people with drinking problems. The mathematics of that are staggering.

Is Academic Publishing BS?

Most academic journal articles are unreadable dreck. So, why are we demanding that more of them be produced?

BART Cop Gets ‘Involuntary Manslaughter,’ Fed Investigation

A white police officer has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for killing a black man. Now, the Feds are considering leveling their own charges.

Palin’s Speech Reax