New Orleans Saints Slammed in Bounty Scandal

The NFL fined the team two draft picks and suspended the head coach a full year and the GM 8 games.

College Football Coaches Salaries Soar As College Budgets Fall

College football coaching salaries jumped 35 percent last year and 55 percent in the last six.

Alabama Wins 14th National Championship; Playoff Needed

There’s no perfect system for choosing a champion but we can do better than this.

WSJ Drops Honorifics For Sports Pages

The Wall Street Journal is joining the modern era and dropping the practice of referring to people as “Mr.” and “Ms.” But only on the sports pages.

NYT Explains False Giffords Death Report

NYT public editor Arthur Brisbane explains how it came to pass that his paper reported as fact the erroneous news that Gabrielle Giffords had been killed.

Columns That Refute Themselves

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News is a must-read for NFL fans, always offering sharp insights into the game garnered over decades of experience. But, like anyone else, he can develop silly theories from anecdotal evidence.

More Predictions for 2008

Predictions for 2008