Jim Angle, 1946-2022

The veteran journalist and Fox News original is gone at 75.

Betty White, 1922-2021

The television star increasingly known for her longevity has passed days shy of her 100th birthday.

Mayberry and White America

When life doesn’t imitate art.

Of Course Donald Trump Wants A Military Parade

Of course Donald Trump wants a military parade, it would be consistent with his delusions of grandeur.

Juror B29 Did Not Say Zimmerman ‘Got Away with Murder’

ABC News selectively edited their interview with Juror B29 to give a false impression of what she said.

Jake Tapper Moves to CNN

Jake Tapper is moving to CNN, where he’ll host a daily show and run their political coverage.

Thirty Years Later: How Iran Beat Us, More Than Once

Thirty years after the hostages were freed from captivity in Iran, the United States still hasn’t figured out how to deal with the Islamic Republic.

2010 A Year In Review

Partisanship, Segmentation and the Mass Media

Is the current media environment a problem for proper political discourse?

Glenn Beck – Goldline Scam

If you’re buying your gold from Glenn Beck, you’re a fool.

De-Baptism Hair Dryers

Some American atheists are using hair dryers to reverse childhood baptism.

Meet Joe the Plumber

Tipping Points