National Enquirer Voters

The fading tabloid still has significant influence.

John Edwards Not Guilty On One Count, Mistrial On Remaining Five Counts

The John Edwards trial is over. This should be the end of the matter.

Free John Edwards?

John Edwards is a pathetic human being, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a criminal.

U.S. v. John Edwards: Both Sides Are Rolling The Dice

Both sides in the John Edwards case are heading into uncharted territory.

John Edwards’ $400 Haircut Led to Indictment

By now, everyone knows that John Edwards was indicted on campaign finance law violations stemming from the cover-up of the Rielle Hunter love child scandal. Most, too, recall the brouhaha over Edwards’ $400 haircuts. As it turns out, they’re at least tangentially related.

John Edwards Sex Tape