Team Trump Struggles in Court

It is one failure after another.

Source: The White House

While I want to continually acknowledge the damage being done by Trump’s denial of reality, it is worth also continually noting how ineffective his team has been in court. Via CNN: Trump had a very bad Friday in court with his election cases. They’re headed for more action next week.

The link contains a list of recent defeats, which can be summed up as follows:

“The Trump campaign keeps hoping it will find a judge that treats lawsuits like tweets,” said Justin Levitt, a Loyola Law School professor and elections law expert, on Friday. “Repeatedly, every person with a robe they’ve encountered has said, ‘I’m sorry, we do law here.'”

I will say, stuff like the following really takes some stones:

One of the latest iterations of these cases comes from a group of voters in Wisconsin. The lawsuit argues that election results in areas Biden won should be invalidated across the state because a data analysis might show some ballots, especially absentee, should not have been counted.

But the lawsuit offers no evidence or even sworn witness statements to back up its assertion that Wisconsin had illegal votes.

In fact, the voters who believe their votes were diluted unfairly admit they have not proven their claims at this time.

“This evidence will be shortly forthcoming when the relevant documents are final and available,” the lawsuit promises.

That is quite persuasive.

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  1. Joe says:

    “The Trump campaign keeps hoping it will find a judge that treats lawsuits like tweets,”

    I loved the comment I saw last week that these were not lawsuits, but tweets with filing fees.

  2. Michael Reynolds says:

    Team Trump Struggles in Court? No, my second arraignment my court-appointed lawyer was a real estate lawyer, who had never handled a criminal case, never even been in a courtroom. He struggled in court. The Trump legal team is humiliating itself, the Republican Party and the Golfer in Chief. It’s walking into courtrooms with spittle dribbling down its chin. The Trump legal team’s trousers are sagging suspiciously in the back, and oh my God, what’s that smell. Trump’s lawyers are in court eating sloppy tuna sandwiches with their dicks out, wearing free mustache ride t-shirts.

    The President of the United States of America. There isn’t enough Lysol in the world the clean the stain this man leaves on our government.

  3. gVOR08 says:

    There were people marching in DC today who think this nonsense will salvage Trump’s reelection.

  4. Scott F. says:

    It’s one failure after another, sure. And I take no consolation in it whatsoever.

    The failures will bring no embarrassment or shame to Trump or his party. Meanwhile, the failures will be taken as proof that the ‘deep state’ was out to get Trump from the beginning by the MAGA faithful.

    The damage is mounting, while those doing the damage are bearing no cost. Effective has nothing to do with it.