That Didn’t Take Long

Via Gallup:  Majority in US No Longer Thinks Trump Keeps His Promises.

Steven L. Taylor
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  1. al-Alameda says:

    File this one under “What, the Easter Bunny isn’t mentioned in the Bible?”

    Trump is a real estate developer, salesman, con man.
    His entire career is built on making one sales pitch after the other.
    He’s always telling his marks that not only is what he’s selling the very best that money can buy, and trust him because you’re hearing it from one of the smartest businessman there is.

  2. CSK says:

    I still find it astonishing that anyone believes anything this consummate sleaze says. Even he doesn’t remember his lies.

  3. JohnMcC says:

    Perhaps I am in a select demographic here in that I remember the Nixon administration as current events. And one of the great things going on back then was Esquire Magazine under the wonderful editor Dwight MacDonald. In every issue there would be a picture of Pres Nixon with captions like ‘why is this man laughing’ (which you can google). My favorite was:

    “Would you buy a used car from this man?”

  4. Mr. Bluster says: demographic here in that I remember the Nixon administration as current events.

    DOB 1948
    Baby Boomer?

  5. JohnMcC says:

    @Mr. Bluster: DOB 1945. Which puts me in the demographic that remembers HowdyDoody, BuffaloBob, Princess SummerFallWinterSpring, Clarabell, the Peanut Gallery and… PineniasTBluster.

    Step back, kid.

  6. Mr. Bluster says:

    Hey Old Man!
    One of my very early childhood crisis occurred when the Big Kid down the block (he was probably in the 2nd grade) told me about the new Mickey Mouse Club TV show.
    “Forget those wooden heads.” he said: “The Mouseketeers are cool!”
    Both shows were in the same time slot. How could I abandon Flub-a-Dub? I was conflicted for days.
    But Doody and company were just sawdust in the wind when I saw Karen.

  7. Argon says:

    “That Didn’t Take Long”

    I’d say it was at least 100 days too long to figure that out.

  8. Just 'nutha ig'nint cracker says:

    @Argon: I knew he wasn’t going to keep his promises back in 2015. I guess it’s like the old saying, “You can fool some of the people some of the time–and that’s usually enough to get you a good living.”

  9. Daryl's other brother Darryl says:

    Of course he isn’t keeping his promises; most all of his promises are impossible to keep.
    What amazes is that 45% of the people in this nation still think he can/will/does.
    Why would anyone vote for a man that makes Jay Gatsby look like a stand-up guy?

  10. Daryl's other brother Darryl says:

    This just in: Comb-over Donnie lied about sending an armada to the Korean Peninsula.
    It is expected to actually arrive in the area sometime next week.

  11. Just 'nutha ig'nint cracker says:

    @Daryl’s other brother Darryl: Except that the new story isn’t true , either. From Doug’s post on that subject:

    In this atmosphere, the Carl Vinson strike group, which includes a carrier air wing and two guided-missile destroyers, was ordered to travel to the “western Pacific.” When the group left Singapore on Saturday, it was bound for Australia before receiving the new orders.

    “The U.S. Pacific Command ordered the Carl Vinson Strike Group north as a prudent measure to maintain readiness and presence in the Western Pacific,” said Dave Benham, a spokesman for the Pacific Command.

    The quote about Clinton applies here

    Every word the man says is a lie, including “a,” “an,” and “the.”

  12. CSK says:

    @Just ‘nutha ig’nint cracker:

    That was what Mary McCarthy said about Lillian Hellman.

  13. Jeremy says:

    @JohnMcC: I think that means you’re about half as old as Doug Mataconis.