The Media, The Establishment, and Expensive Negative Commercials Beat Gingrich

Well, that’s at least what Newt is going to say after tonight (Via The Hill):

With 68 percent of precincts reporting, Romney led Newt Gingrich 47 percent to 31 percent. Former Sen. Rick Santorum came in third with 13 percent and Rep. Ron Paul was last with 7 percent.

I, for one, find the attacks on The Media silly and am wholly unsure who The Establishment is supposed to be.  Clearly, Mitt and his SuperPAC friends outspent Newt, but my guess is that extended exposure to Newt is Newt’s main problem.

It will be interesting to watch Newt’s spin in the aftermath of the Florida Primary,

He is now is serious trouble because he is going to have to deal with his loser status for a while with no major contests for several weeks:  there are a series of caucus states (Nevada is next up, which is to Romney’s advantage) before more primaries at the end of February (Arizona and Michigan).

(And yes, I must to confess to feeling a bit more snarky than analytical this evening…).

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  1. MarkedMan says:

    “Exposure to Newt is Newt’s main problem.” Heh. Yeah. Newt seems to have lost women in Florida by something north of 25 points. I think this is because many of them feel they know Newt only too well.

    BTW, why hasn’t Calista done the “supportive wife” bit yet? Could it be that anything positive she says in public now will just reduce her leverage separating Newt from his assets in the upcoming divorce?

  2. grumpy realist says:

    @MarkedMan: They probably realize that considering at least some of the antipathy to Newt is his adultery, having Callista up there acting as anything else than wallpaper is…..not useful.

    (A meeting not to be thought of: Callista’s hair and whatever Trump has on his head. You always KNEW that tribbles really existed, didn’t you?)