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Aaron David Ward writing at  The Ebola Effect: Blood From Stone

The U.S. Government wants Ebola in America.   Why?  It’s good for business, specifically the business of the global elites.  It’s no secret the one-percent who rule the world want the global population reduced. It’s also no secret big pharma makes big money off pandemics.  And apparently Big Academia can make money too.  How convenient Dallas Patient Zero wound up in Texas where Texas A & M says it can serve as a potential mass-production center for ZMapp Ebola Drug.

And the pièce de résistance:

And big government can use Ebola as a ripe excuse to start using those FEMA camps.

Ah yes, the FEMA camps–the government has been itchin’ to get those up and running.

(BTW, I left the links from the original piece in the quote, but only for illustrative purposes…beware the clickthrough!)

Ward is a stand up comedian, but I do not think he is trying to be funny here.

What is it about a certain segment of American libertarianism that leads to this kind of lunacy?  (Puts me in mind of the good ol’ Ron Paul newsletters, which were also linked to Lew Rockwell).

Although, really, if you think about it, this does illustrate a common libertarian talking point:  the inefficiency of government.  After all, there has only been, to date, one case of Ebola brought in during a time in which “The U.S. Government wants Ebola in America.”  Private individuals freed from the shackles of government bureaucracy would have been much more efficient, donthca know!


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  1. As a general rule, one should never, ever, under any circumstances take anything published at Lew Rockwell’s website seriously.

  2. Mu says:

    Never realized there was more than one L. Rockwell loony.

  3. beth says:

    Those FEMA camps must be pretty nice by now after six years of building them. i guess the plan all along was for Hillary to use them, not Obama.

  4. humanoid.panda says:

    1. He forgot to work in reparations for slavery, like Rush Limbaugh, or anti-colonialism like D’souza, or phrase his conspiracy theories in a way that leaves a way out, like Rand Paul. This is why Rockwell will never make the money the first two make, or have the power the third one possesses.
    2. Is there anything funnier than a libertarian that denounces globalism? It’s like a Bolshevik complaining the govenrment is over-regulating: just doesn’t compute.
    3. It is true that Rockwell is a joke, but the kind of libertarian-confederate fusion he embodies has as many followers, some of them quite powerful (the Pauls) as the high libertarianism of Reason magazine, so I don’t think he should be waived off that fast.

  5. @Doug Mataconis: In some ways I agree, but in others I have to note the Rockwell connection to the Pauls (at least Ron and therefore, by only one degree of separation to Rand), which underscores that the Rockwell types are not that far away from “mainstream” American libertarians.

  6. @Steven L. Taylor:

    The libertarians I know and interact with dismiss them as loons

  7. Scott O says:

    @Steven L. Taylor: You can’t fool me Mr Big Academia member. As of today I will supplement my tin foil hat with a full body protection outfit constructed from trash bags.

  8. @Doug Mataconis: This is, no doubt, the case. But that does not severe the fact that some prominent national libertarian types don’t take that position.

  9. @Scott O: Curses! Foiled again.

  10. Mikey says:

    Actually, it’s the Lew Rockwell types who want Ebola in America because (they feel) it would discredit the government and advance the fringe-libertarian cause.

    Also, everything’s a conspiracy to these people. Not much different from a lot of the mental patients I worked with some years back.