Whither Freakonomics?

The book spawned a cottage industry. But did it change the study of economics?

The Non-Emergent Democratic Majority?

The realignment of America’s political parties wasn’t quite what was hoped.

Claudine Gay addresses an audience during commencement ceremonies, Thursday, May 25, 2023, on the Harvard campus, in Cambridge, Mass. Claudine Gay addresses an audience during commencement ceremonies, Thursday, May 25, 2023, on the Harvard campus, in Cambridge, Mass.

Claudine Gay Resigns as Harvard President

Repeated academic integrity violations led to her forced ouster.

Trump Doubles Down on Fascism

The Republican frontrunner continues to use Hitler’s language, praise dictators, and lionize traitors.

Israel, Hamas, and the Laws of War

It’s . . . complicated.

Politics as Sport

The game is the game.

American Physicians Make a Lot of Money!

They average more than any other occupation and considerably more than their European counterparts.

DeSantis Policies Come Home to Roost at New College

He’s getting what he wants.

Chotiner Eviscerates Koppel on Kissinger

After giving a softball interview, he apparently expected one in return.

Scalia Law School is Conservative!

The New York Times looks into ties between a DC area law school and the Supreme Court.

Biden to Reshape Joint Chiefs

He’s likely to make heads explode.

Community Colleges Not Serving the Community

A key pathway to success for low-income citizens isn’t working.

The Democrats’ Patriotism Problem?!

Whither American civil religion?

Labor Saving Technology That Creates More Work

ChatGPT is just the latest example of a perverse phenomenon.

U.S. Government’s Woke Training!

There’s training on uncomfortable subjects. Oh noes!

George Will on UATX (Part II)

Wherein I examine UATX specifically.

George Will on UATX (Part I)

Will discusses a nascent university and in doing so produced a cliched column about higher education.

University of California TAs and Postdocs on Strike!

A showdown over wages could upend the apprenticeship arrangement that has long characterized graduate education.

Reparative Semantics? Or Gobbledygook?

Do last year’s words belong to last year’s language?

Ben Sasse to Leave Senate to Become Florida President

The Nebraska Republican got an offer he can’t refuse.

Legendary Chemist Fired for Being a Hard Grader

A complicated case out of NYU.

Princeton Fires Creepy, Lying Professor Who Happened to be Conservative

There’s much more to the story than meets the eye.

Plagiarized News Reports

Another journalist has been fired for a cardinal sin.

Lived Experience in Art and Journalism

What are the limits of representation?

Florida Abolishes Professor Tenure

Because they’re indoctrinating the youth with their biased agendas and liberal, unfactual diastribes.

Dan Patrick’s Attack on Tenure in Texas

His attacks are, in fact, the best case for tenure.

Non-Peer Review of Medical Studies

The downside to online archives of pre-print articles.

Ilya Shapiro’s Inartful Tweet

Outrage over the outrage is outrageous.

ODU Prof Out After Minor-Attracted People’ Backlash

Academic freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

Most Politics Is National

Tip O’Neil’s famous saying hasn’t been true in a long, long time.

Book Corner: The Three-Body Problem

A review and an invitation to discuss.

The Master’s Degree Scam

Most aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Suing for Tenure at Place She Doesn’t Work

A truly bizarre controversy at Chapel Hill.

Carville: Dems Need to Speak Yiddish, Not Hebrew

Bill Clinton’s strategist thinks his party needs a wake-up call.

Transphobia, Academic Freedom, and the First Amendment

The 6th Circuit is allowing a professor fired for misgendering a transwoman to sue his state university.

Yale Fires Prof for Trump Mental Health ‘Diagnoses’

What at first blush appears a case of hypocrisy and cancel culture is a violation of professional ethics.

1776 Report ‘Plagiarized’?

Large chunks of a hackish report were lifted from previous works of Commission members.

West Point Cheaters Mostly Athletes

The Academy is prioritizing football glory over honor.

Cadets participate in the Class of 2019 Graduation Parade, May 24, 2019, at West Point. (Matthew Moeller/Army) Cadets participate in the Class of 2019 Graduation Parade, May 24, 2019, at West Point. (Matthew Moeller/Army)

West Point Cheating Scandal Worst in Decades

73 cadets violated the honor code while taking an exam remotely.

Rethinking the 1619 Project

Great journalism can result in lousy history.

It’s Not ‘Absurd’ that Colleges are Charging Full Tuition

Online instruction is an inferior product. But it’s more expensive to deliver.

Ivy League Suspends Sports

The hopes of football in the fall are fading fast.

Visas Will be Denied to Online-only Students as Colleges Go Online-only

Harvard joins a growing list of universities who will not offer in-person classes this year.

Woodrow Wilson Disavowed by Princeton

An accomplished racist will no longer be honored by the university.

Interpreting Interpretation

A too-long discourse on how courts should function.

Richard Friedman Dead at 79

He revolutionized how we think of male homosexuality.