Some Thoughts on Grades

More accurately, some thoughts on commentary about higher ed.

Justice Antonin Scalia Dead At 79

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia has died at the age of 79.

Racial Tensions Getting Ugly at University of Missouri

Massive boycotts and protests likely spell the end of Tim Wolfe’s tenure as president.

Ben Carson Wants To Turn The Department Of Education Into Thought Police

Instead of eliminating the Department of Education, Ben Carson wants to give it a new, bizarre, and dangerous mission.

A Question for Sunday

When may I shoot a student?

Syllabus Selection Sexism

International relations prof mostly assign readings by male scholars. Female profs are slightly less likely to do so.

Backlash Against Boss Who Raised Minimum Salary

Gravity announced a minimum annual salary of $70,000. Almost everyone is unhappy.

Fear and Paranoia in Academia

I have been reading, mostly in passing, a number of pieces about an alleged new climate on college campuses in which students are raising significant complaints due to difficult or emotionally sensitive material. The latest example did not impress me.

Expelling Students From A Public University Over Racist Videos Probably Isn’t Constitutional

Freedom of speech means freedom for all speech, even when it is racially offensive.

King Abdullah Of Saudi Arabia Dies At 90, Crown Prince Salman Becomes King

A big change in an important nation in the most volatile part of the world.

Hate Speech and Academic Freedom

Should a professor who says she “hates Republicans” keep her job?

Oberlin College Student’s Request For Ferguson-Related Exam Delay Gets Epic Response

An Oberlin College student makes it clear just why she needs an education.

Governor Thinks Governors Make The Best Presidential Candidates

Scott Walker argues that Governors tend to make the best Presidents. He’s largely correct, but he’s not the only Republican who fits that bill.

Yes, All VA Senior Executives Were ‘Fully Successful’

Lawmakers and journalists don’t understand the civil service.

Yes, College Is Worth It (If You Graduate)

While it’s been much derided in recent years, there’s a definite economic benefit to obtaining a college degree,

Supreme Court Quietly Revises Opinions With Little Notice To The Public

The Supreme Court, subject to revision.

Condoleeza Rice Backs Out As Rutgers Commencement Speaker After Protests

The right decision, or the triumph of mob rule?

Unprofitable Professors Getting Fired

Being a public intellectual doesn’t pay.

Picturing a Ph.D.

ISA v. Blogs

Do What You Hate?

The advice “Do what you love. Love what you do” is not without pitfalls.

Peter Higgs Not Productive Enough for Today’s Academy?

Nobel physicist Peter Higgs says he could not make it in academia today.

Hillary Clinton Being Courted By Academia

Hillary Clinton is getting offers from universities to add her name and presence.

Back to School

Your humble host is making a career move.


Michael Kinsley contends “Being against marriage equality doesn’t make you a monster.”

Washington Examiner Newspaper Closing, Becoming Weekly Magazine

The Washington Examiner, which for a while became the conservative alternative to the Washington Post, is ceasing daily publication to become a conservative alternative to The Hill.

University Professor: World’s Least Stressful Job

I’ve been out of the classroom for just over a decade now and, apparently, things have changed radically.

Is The Gun Debate Over?

Conor Friedersdorf contends “The U.S. Already Had a Conversation About Guns—and the Pro Side Won.”

Prestige Schools Dominate Academic Placement

Want to teach political science for a living? Go to one of a handful of top schools or don’t bother.

College and Path Determination in American Economic Life

The best single means of becoming such an economic winner is to gain admission to a top university

No Whining On Team Hillary

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have much sympathy for her former aide’s inability to “have it all.”

Release Of Jobs Report Gives Birth To The Unemployment Truthers

Within minutes after today’s Jobs Report was released, the conspiracy theorists began to come forward.

Harvard Says 125 Students May Have Cheated In ‘Introduction To Congress’ Class

Harvard has announced the discovery of what one official calls an “unprecedented” cheating scandal.