Tom Brady Retiring Again

The Greatest of All Time is hanging up his cleats a year too late.

Right-Wing Musical Chairs on Satellite TV

Weirdly, politicians who don’t understand the debt ceiling also don’t understand other things.

The NFL is Taking Over

The biggest entertainment product in America is getting bigger.

Raymond Pritchett, 1975-2022

Galrahn is gone much too soon.

Garland, Trump, and the Impossibility of Apolitical Politics

The Attorney General can’t please everyone, so he’s got to please himself.

NFL and College Football Going Head to Head

The most popular television product is running out of room to expand.

Fear and Resentment of a Changing America

A revealing comparison of Republican districts that deny and don’t deny the 2020 outcome.

newspaper newspaper

The Declining Market for News

Reading habits continue to evolve, not necessarily for the better.

Democracy Dies in Dumbness

Paywalls are not our problem.

Can Pregnant Woman Drive in HOV Lane?

An absurd extension of the fight over abortion.

The USA at 246

The Nation is unusually divided and melancholy on its birthday.

Herschel Walker and the Perils of Celebrity Candidates

More ugly revelations about the football hero turned politician.

On Perceptions and Crime

Some thoughts.

Merriman Smith ‘Canceled’ Posthumously

A man most have never heard of is being reassessed more than a half-century after his death.

People Moving for Politics?

It seems that some Americans are relocating to be with people who share their social and cultural views.

green surgical masks on green background green surgical masks on green background

On Narratives and Covid Restrictions

Are we really being blocked from getting back to normal? And if so, what is the real barrier?

Dan Reeves, 1944-2022

The legendary football player and coach is gone at 77.

Press Coverage of the Colorado Wildfires

The biggest news doesn’t always get the most attention.

John Madden, 1936-2021

The Hall of Fame coach and legendary broadcaster is dead at 85.

Atlanta Braves Win World Series

The city’s second major championship was among the most improbable.

Backwards: When Politicians Choose Their Voters

Voters are suppose to choose elected officials, not the other way around.

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So Many Tabs…

Several stories for your consumption.

Today in Awful Covid Headlines

Part of the ongoing, slow-motion tragedy.

diversity legos diversity legos

America Getting Less White

The long demographic trend continues.

Dusty Hill, 1949-2021

ZZ Top’s longtime bass player is gone.

No, Flynn Shouldn’t be Court-Martialed

Retired generals are no longer in the military.

Census Results Likely a Boost for GOP

The long shift of population from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt continues—with the unusual exception of California.

Voter Suppression in Texas

Let’s call it what it is.

DC Statehood and Power Politics

More voice, more votes, more representation.

Larry McMurtry, 1936-2021

The author of “Lonesome Dove,” “Terms of Endearment,” and so many more great novels is gone at 84.

Elite Private Schools, Race, and Fear of the Woke

Also some ironic positions on capitalism.

Texas Ends COVID Restrictions

The Lone Star State is celebrating its independence in a big way.

Fact-Checking in a Fact-Free World

Debunking urban legends and Internet rumors is harder than it used to be.

A Failure of Governance in Texas

And a discussion of markets (and a warning about partisanship).

A Poster Child for White Privilege

You can’t make this stuff up.

Charley Pride Dead at 87

A country music legend is yet another victim of COVID.

On Faux Analysis of Biden’s Win

Arguments and analyses that are, well, turkeys.

The Weirdest Sports Season Ever?

COVID has given us a surreal calendar.

Is the American Government Legitimate?

A long-winded and esoteric discussion about an elusive idea.

PAC-12 Goes Conference-Only

Another small step toward canceling the fall sports calendar.

Ivy League Suspends Sports

The hopes of football in the fall are fading fast.

Thinking about the Injustice that Feeds the Flame

The evidence is clear. Injustice feeds rage and rage sometimes boils over.

How Many Lives Have Shutdowns Saved?

A new study estimates how many lives were saved in 30 American cities.

Don Shula Dead at 90

The coaching legend led the 1972 Miami Dolphins to the only perfect season in NFL history.

Schools Under Pressure to Re-open

Until our kids go back to school, we can’t go back to work.

The Grim Reality

This isn’t likely to end any time soon.

Only the Best People, Part ???

Who can keep count?

Trump Packs Airports with Potentially Sick People

You can’t make this stuff up.

Klobuchar Out

The field winnows further.

Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

The basketball legend and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were among five fatalities.