Turnabout: Brazil, the IMF, and the EU

Via the BBC:  Brazil wants more IMF power for extra eurozone funds

Brazil has said that developing nations would be happy to provide more money to ease the eurozone’s debt crisis, in return for more power within the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Anyone with any knowledge of the 1980s (and later, for that matter) will find this a rather ironic situation to say the least.  Beyond that, it shows how things have changed for Brazil.

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Steven L. Taylor
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  1. JohnMcC says:

    A google search for the economic policies of someone named Lula is pretty enlightening. A hint, not a Republican.

  2. Ben Wolf says:

    Europe reduced to begging for handouts from a country not long ago considered a basket-case. And all from the EU’s self-inflicted wound it refuses to sew up. It looks to me like the developing world is learning from the developed world’s mistakes.

  3. HankP says:

    @JohnMcC: Yes, amazing how successful those socialist policies have been, isn’t it?