Election Violence

It’s no longer just a Third World problem.

Faith In Democracy on the Decline

People around the world are more skeptical about governing institutions.

Ugliness in International Soccer

A long tradition continues unabated.

A Tale Of Two Chinas

Its economic bubble has burst, which may make them more dangerous.

The World Is Catching Up

Americans have taken the dominance of the Women’s National Team for granted.

Thinking about the Past

Thoughts after reading Part 2 of the Reuter’s series, “Slavery’s Descendants”

Kick Russia Off the Security Council?

A bad idea backed up by worse reasoning.

Putin’s Failed Gambit

He’s turned Russia from a G-8 member to an international pariah.

Dark Web Dragnet

International law enforcement agencies have made hundreds of arrests.

Ford Doubling Down on EVs, But Not in USA

The company will debut an all-electric “Explorer” in Europe.

Most of the World Doesn’t Care About Ukraine

Many in the Global South see the war very differently than we in the West.

On the Number of Parties 4: The Oddity of Two, Part 3 (Thinking About Just Two)

A post about thinking in a comparative way.

Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Presidential Palace, Congress, and Supreme Court

Latin America’s answer to Donald Trump has his own insurrection attempt.

Pelé, 1940-2022

The soccer legend has passed at 82.

NY Congressman-Elect George Santos (AP Photo/John Locher) NY Congressman-Elect George Santos (AP Photo/John Locher)

A consequence of shrinking newsrooms

How an apparent serial fabulist got elected to Congress

The Identity Politics of Identity Politics

Who gets to claim Latino heritage?

Omicron and the Vaccines

Modern and Pfizer are your best bets, but most of the world has had other vaccines.

Hezbollah in Latin America! (Part Gazillion)

A possible murder plot in Colombia embedded into a problematic multi-decade narrative.

Democratic Erosion in Brazil

Part of a disturbing trend.

Classifying Countries by Income

What constitutes a “low income” or “high income” country?

DC Statehood and Power Politics

More voice, more votes, more representation.

Partisan ID and Vaccination

More evidence that elite signals matter for mass behavior.

The Ethics of International Vaccine Distribution

At least 50 million doses of the AstraZeneca are sitting in American facilities unused.

What’s a Republic?

What meanings might the Founders have had? How should we understand the term?

US Tops 6 Million COVID-19 Cases

Yet another grim milestone.

Latin America and Covid-19

The pandemic is having serious effects in the region, and they will persist for some time.

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks prior to signing H.R. 1957- The Great American Outdoors Act Tuesday, August 4, 2020, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour) President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks prior to signing H.R. 1957- The Great American Outdoors Act Tuesday, August 4, 2020, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

America’s Exceptional Failure

Our response to Covid-19 has been exceptional in all the wrong ways.

US Tops 3 Million COVID-19 Cases

Another avoidable milestone.

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Has COVID-19

The president of the country with the second most cases and fatalities has tested positive.

Why are Masks Political?

Leadership matters (as does culture).

World’s Billionaires Have Lost $1.5 Trillion

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos alone have lost $15 billion in net worth since January.

November Job Growth Beats Expectations

November saw much higher jobs growth than economic analysts were expecting, but it could just be a statistical blip.

Trump Fine With Letting His Foolish Trade War Continue Past 2020 Election

President Trump said this morning that he’s fine with letting his trade war with the rest of the world continue all the way to the 2020 election.

This is What Support for Authoritarianism Looks Like

Rich Lowry puts preferred outcomes over constitutional process.

U.S. Women’s Team World Cup Win Renews Fight Over ‘Pay Equity’

The victory of the U.S. Women’s team in the World Cup has renewed a long-standing argument over pay equity, but the issue is far more complicated than it seems.

The Costs Of Trump’s Irrational Trade War Continue To Add Up

The costs to the American economy of President Trump’s ill-advised trade war continue to add up.

State Department Bars Embassies From Flying Rainbow Flag

The State Department has barred American Embassies from flying the Pride Flag during Pride Month as has been the custom for several years.

Australia’s Ruling Conservative Coalition Scores Surprise Win

Surprising pollsters and political analysts down under, Australia’s ruling center-right coalition pulled off a big win in Saturday’s election.

Taiwan Becomes First Asian Nation To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Taiwan has become the first nation in Asia to legally recognize same-sex marriage.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Pledges from wealthy men to help rebuild Notre Dame cathedral after a devastating fire is generating backlash.

The Political Realities of a Green New Deal

Kevin Drum uses some clever sleight-of-hand to demonstrate a hard truth about the human condition.

Violence on the Venezuelan-Colombian Border

US policy is creating nonconstructive confrontation.

Venezuelan Crisis Enters A New Stage

The situation in Venezuela entered a new stage yesterday as opposition leader Juan Guaidó claimed the nation’s Presidency.

Carlos Sanchez, Who Portrayed Coffee Icon Juan Valdez, Dies At 83

Carlos Sanchez, who portrayed Juan Valdez the unofficial ambassador of Colombian coffee for some 30 years, has died at the age of 83.

Trump Cancels G-20 Meeting With Putin

President Trump has canceled a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the recent confrontation between Russia and Ukraine in the Black Sea.

Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee Dies At 95

Rest in Peace and Excelsior, Stan Lee!

Trump Says He Will End Birthright Citizenship Via Executive Order, But He Can’t

President Trump is now claiming he will end birthright citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants via Executive Order. He clearly lacks the authority to do this.

Why Khashoggi Murder Was a Red Line

The Saudis have been awful for generations. Why this?

India’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Colonial Era Anti-Gay Law

A significant advance for LGBT rights in the world’s most populous democracy.