A Weekend Treat For Politics Geeks

Go to the Museum of the Moving Image’s website The Living Room Candidate, and you’ll be able to see every Presidential campaign ad going back to the Eisenhower/Stevenson campaign in 1952.

There’s Ike’s first ad in 1952, which looks as much like an ad for toothpaste as it does one for a Presidential candidate.

In 1956, Eisenhower was back, reminding the country that he ended the Korean War, while the Stevenson campaign broke ground with the first negative ad about a Vice-Presidential candidate.

In 1960, the commercials reflected between Kennedy’s Hollywood star power, and, well, Nixon.

And, of course, 1964, brought an ad that everyone seems to remember even though it only actually aired once:

There’s plenty more, of course, and plenty of stuff to waste a few hours away reliving history.

Doug Mataconis
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  1. Gary Farber says:

    It’s a great site, which is why I’ve linked to it from time to time since 2008.