AT&T-BellSouth Largest Donor to Federal Candidates

CQPolitics reports,

The completion of the AT&T and BellSouth merger has created the largest corporate PAC donor to federal candidates. The combined contributions to federal candidates totals $2,740,883 for the 2005-2006 election cycle through 11/27/06. The total may go higher when activity is reported for the 11/28-12/31 period.

The combination of the two corporation’s federal PAC giving totals $3,911,758. This includes the $2,740,883 to federal candidates; an additional $784,125 being given in the same period to leadership PACs; $260,000 more given to national party committees, and $126,750 more to other party committees.

With these two PACs becoming affiliated they will share a common contribution limit to specific candidates. This may affect the future amount contributed.

I wouldn’t have guessed that telephone companies would rank so high on the list. It really shouldn’t be that surprising, though, since telecom is perhaps the most federally regulated of all industries.

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