Disinformation and Free Speech

How far should the government be able to go?

PGA, LIV, and World Tour Merging

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

Creative Class on Strike

Hollywood and the news media are roiled in labor disputes.

NFL and College Football Going Head to Head

The most popular television product is running out of room to expand.

Streaming Service Consolidation

There are too many products chasing too few consumers.

Failed and Has-Been Politicians Start New Party

The Forward Party will almost certainly go nowhere.

CNN Boss Eschews ‘Big Lie’ Branding

The new honcho at the original 24 hour news network wants to be more subtle and less alarmest.

Ginni Thomas: Boomer with Internet?

Does it matter whether she’s a rube or a mastermind?

newspaper newspaper

The Bizarre Economics of Media

Not everyone is losing money.

College Conference Chaos

Texas and Oklahoma have reopened Pandora’s Box.

More Kook Than Coup

A shameful farce continues to unfold.

LeBron Wins Title with Third Team

Give him his damn respect.

DOJ Wants Emergency Powers

How do we balance societal and individual rights during a pandemic?

Disney Drops ‘Fox’ Name

More fallout from the consolidation of media brands.

Lee Iacocca, Who Headed Two Of The Big Three Automakers, Dies At 94

One of America’s fist celebrity CEO’s has passed away at the age of 94.

The Name-Caller-in-Chief

Trump’s penchant for behaving more like a talk radio host than a POTUS continues unabated.

Trump Administration Merging OPM into Other Agencies

An odd bureaucratic reshuffling, seemingly out of the blue.

Fox News And The Trump Presidency: State Run Media, Or A Media Run State?

A new report demonstrates that the relationship between Fox News Channel and the Trump Administration is much closer and more pervasive than previously believed.

Streaming Killed the Video Star

AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV and TimeWarner is forcing price hikes that are driving customers away at a rapid clip.

Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee Dies At 95

Rest in Peace and Excelsior, Stan Lee!

Trump to Propose Merger of Education, Labor and Consolidation of Welfare Programs [UPDATED]

The Administration is going to unveil a plan for a major reorganization of government agencies today.

The Demise of Time Inc.

For decades, it was the preeminent brand in American journalism. Now its pieces are being sold at bargain rates.

Company Tied To Russian Oligarch Gave Money To LLC That Paid Off Stormy Daniels

New documents reveal that the Limited Liability Company that paid off Stormy Daniels also received payments from a company linked to a Russian oligarch.

The Cable TV Presidency

The Trump presidency is the latest step in treating commentators like policy experts. It is all a manifestation of how the modern GOP is a populist party.

Puerto Rico To Vote On Statehood For Fifth Time In Fifty Years

For the fifth time in fifty years, Puerto Ricans will vote tomorrow on a referendum on statehood, but it’s not likely to have any impact on the island’s current status.

Clinton Hits Trump On Demagoguery, Ties To Extreme Right

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton pointed out truths about Donald Trump that his fellow Republicans were too scared to point out during the primary..

The Vote Could Be As Much As Two Years Away, But Support For A ‘Brexit’ Seems To Be Growing

A vote is still as much as two years away, and support for staying in the E.U. still has the most support, but support for the idea of a British exit from the European Union has grown in the past several months.

Conservative Party In Danger Of Losing Majority In Canada, But Outcome Still In Doubt

If pre-election polling is to be believed, Stephan Harper and Canada’s Conservative Party seem likely to lose power after Monday’s elections, but there are several reasons why this may not end up being the case.

Burger King Should Not Be Condemned If It Moves To Canada For Tax Purposes

The announcement of a potential merger between Burger King and Tim Horton’s has led to much moral preening from the usual suspects.

Rupert Murdoch Rebuffed In Initial Bid To Buy Time Warner, But It’s Not Over Yet

Big news, and potentially a big merger, in the entertainment industry.

Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogging

As the medium matures, something important is being lost.

The USA v. the FARC

Newly disclosed details about the US role in Colombia.

Good Government Reforms Gave Us Bad Government

Recent anti-corruption measures have contributed to making American government worse.

Newsweek For Sale

Newsweek Going All-Digital

Newsweek is joining US News in getting out of the printed magazine business, leaving Time as the last old American newsweekly standing.

Rick Perry’s Crony Capitalism

Rick Perry’s vision of capitalism doesn’t exactly comply with what Adam Smith had in mind.

No, Net Neutrality Is Not A Government Takeover Of The Internet

Contrary to current conservative talking points, Net Neutrality is not a nefarious government scheme to takeover the Internet, but is aimed to address a real problem. Like most ideas that involve the government, though, it doesn’t really address the real source of the problem; not enough freedom

Newsweek – Daily Beast Merge

Tina Brown has confirmed the merger of the venerable Newsweek and the upstart Daily Beast.

Stewart And Colbert Rally For Sanity And/Or Fear, And Take A Jab At The Media

The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear ended up having a point after all, but it’s not one that anyone is likely to take to heart.

Airlines Make Profit!

The airline industry turned a record profit for the 2nd quarter. Don’t expect it to last.