Bolton: “Hezbollah Is A Cancer Within Lebanon” (Video)

Ambassador Bolton was on tonight’s H&C to, obviously, talk about the current crisis in the Middle East. Any clip of JB is worth posting, but this one is particularly informative. Bolton weighs in on Syrian and Iranian involvement and also addresses the report today, from the “occasionally accurate” British press, which alleges that the United States is pressuring Israel to end its offensive by the end of next week. Sorry, no hints. You’ll have to watch for JB’s response.

But I will give you a little taste of Bolton talking about the war on terror in general:

HANNITY: Is the world at war with Islamic facism?

BOLTON: Well, I think the Islamic facists are at war with us. We have no interest in changing the way they live in their particular countries, to follow their own beliefs. But it’s their aggressive use of terror and force almost exclusively against civilians which brought them into conflict with us.

A ripping answer, if I do say so.

UPDATE: In related Bolton news, make sure you read George Voinovich’s penance for being a crybaby here.

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  1. Off topic, but I really wish that guy would get a haircut and shave off that ridiculous mustache.

  2. Joannes says:

    John Bolton says: “We have no interest in changing the way they live in their particular countries, to follow their own beliefs.”
    But GWB says: America will “spread democracy”, “bring freedom to the world” etc. ad infinitum.
    Doesn’t even John Bolton believe GWB’s cr*p anymore?

  3. madmatt says:

    unless of course those countries are iraq, afghanistan, syria, iran, n. korea, lebanon etc….what a pile of shit the man spews

  4. Anthony C says:

    A ripping answer, but one almost 180 degrees at odds with 90 per cent of the rhetoric coming out of the sections of the commentariat who think that Bolton walks on water, never mind that of the administration itself.

    Seconded on the haircut. When you’ve got real hair but it looks like it’s a wig, it’s time to embrace change.

  5. LJD says:

    I don’t get the comments about Bolton being at odds with the President or some commentators. You seem to ignore the KEY POINT: the Islamic facists are at war with us.

    You also should be careful not to confuse the context of Iraq or Afghanistan with Israel. Similarly, take into acount Bolton’s role in the U.N. vs. that of the President.

    Hopefully some one can elaborate, with specific examples.

  6. Irate Paddy says:

    Hi Gentlemen,
    I watch Fox News most days.It’s hard to believe that a high percentage of viewers
    really swallow this right wing propaganda.
    May i suggest to most americans, try digesting some other sources of media before forming opinions about the rest of the world.

    You Guys are dangerous…..

  7. LMB says:

    Have you noticed that the people who bitch about most things have nicknames as “Madmatt”, or “Irate Patty”! For one, I look at them as pernicious left-wing intelligentsia buffoons.
    “People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid”, Socrates