British Police: Dead Spy Whose Body Was Found In Gym Bag Probably Died “By Accident”

So, this happened:

LONDON (AP) — More than three years after the naked, decomposing body of British spy Gareth Williams was discovered stuffed inside a locked gym bag at the bottom of his bathtub, the mystery over his bizarre death lingers, and a police investigation has done little to clear it up.

London’s Metropolitan Police said Wednesday that their investigation had found that Williams likely died in an accident with no one else involved. But the tentative conclusion, which the police hedged by acknowledging many gaps haven’t been filled in, is unlikely to calm conspiracy theories surrounding the case.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said Williams, whose remains were discovered in August 2010, was “most probably” killed in an accident, a verdict which conflicts with a coroner’s inquest that concluded last year that Williams was probably killed by another person in a “criminally meditated act.”

Hewitt said the police position “is that, on balance, it is a more probable conclusion that there was no other person present when Gareth died.”

“But the reality is that for both hypotheses, there exist evidential contradictions and gaps in our understanding,” he said.

Gee, do ya think so?

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  1. Joe says:
  2. Franklin says:

    Well I think they’re suggesting it was some sort of sexual asphyxiation thing, without coming out directly and saying it. But don’t ask me if anybody does this by putting themselves in a bag in a bathtub.

  3. Ron Beasley says:

    Intelligence agencies really don’t like to talk about dead spies and they pressure the police to not really dig to deep.

  4. Just 'nutha' ig'rant cracker says:

    @Ron Beasley: Even so, the explanation has that “the (N-word) died when he was trying to steal more chain than he could swim with” feel to it. Don’t you think?

  5. grumpy realist says:

    @Just ‘nutha’ ig’rant cracker: fifteen bullet holes in his chest, worst case of suicide I ever did see?

    This hasn’t quite topped the two-dildos-and-a-wetsuit case, but it’s pretty close.

  6. Barry says:

    ‘The police ruled that my father died accidentally. He fell down an elevator shaft.

    Onto some bullets’.

  7. JohnMcC says:

    When I saw the news story, my first thought was ‘Damn, where in Florida did that happen?’