Caption Contest

James asked me to fill in for the estimable Mr. Dill and handle the OTB Caption ContestTM during his vacation. This being an area in which I have some experience, I was only too happy to accept.

So, take aim at this:


Winners will be announced Saturday PM

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Dodd Harris
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Dodd, who used to run a blog named ipse dixit, is an attorney, a veteran of the United States Navy, and a fairly good poker player. He contributed over 650 pieces to OTB between May 2007 and September 2013. Follow him on Twitter @Amuk3.


  1. John425 says:

    In mangled English: Beijing opens The Happy Bowel Noodle Shop instead of the Happy Bowl.

  2. Targeting the American market, reasoned Hiromoto, was a simple matter of removing all obstacles to continuous eating.

  3. John425 says:

    They recognize the problem with Chinese food. An hour later, you’re hungry again.

  4. Being the middle man (or woman)

  5. John425 says:

    Emulating Mexico’s “Montezuma’s Revenge”, Beijing plans to introduce the Mao-Tse Trots.

  6. Something got lost in translation as the restaurant chain’s translation in Chinese was “Trough and Poo”.

  7. One billion Chinese can be wrong.

  8. Photographer: Steven Shi? Is that a typo?

  9. No Peking, Beijing.

  10. The Forbidden Sh*tty

  11. Stalls are bourgeois and were destroyed in the cultural revolution.

  12. Avoid the Loo Mein.

  13. Maggie Mama says:

    What goes up, must come down? No, no. What goes in, must come out!

  14. Maggie Mama says:

    No wonder we always hungry after an hour.

  15. Maggie Mama says:

    Ah so. Moo goo gai poops.

  16. Maggie Mama says:

    Sorry John 425…about the hungry after one hour…stepped on your toes…I wrote before I read.

  17. Paul Barnes says:


  18. yetanotherjohn says:

    The shortage of sit-down toilets for the Olympics was explained today.

    No wonder that stuff made in China is so cheap. Their workers are taking half the number of breaks as Americans.

    Don’t get the number two. That stuff will go right through you.

    Don’t ask, don’t tell. The smart policy in regards to how they clean the utensils in a real Chinese restaurant.

    Why bulimia rehab in China isn’t working.

    Why do they call it the ‘Royal Dragon Restaurant’? Because you get to sit on the throne.

    I always wondered why women spent so much time in the bathroom.

  19. William d'Inger says:

    The trendy new Japanese “Soup and Poop” franchises are the real reason Starbucks is forced to close 600 shops.

  20. William d'Inger says:

    UC scientists are the first to actually test the Garbage In – Garbage Out theory.

  21. brainy435 says:

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie had to scrap their original reality show, The Bulimic Life.

  22. Bithead says:

    Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?

  23. mannning says:

    No more lost time in the bathroom, and no more reading the newspaper on the job!

  24. John425 says:

    Photograph by: Steven Shi
    Restaurant fixtures designed by: Yew Shi Ting

  25. rodney dill says:

    Illegal Immigrant Jobs American’s Don’t Want To Do #137: Ex-Lax Tester.

  26. Wyatt Earp says:

    “Whatever you do, don’t ask for shitake mushrooms!”

  27. Bithead says:

    Recycling, taken to the next phase.

  28. rodney dill says:

    Toto just isn’t in Kansas anymore.