Chávez had Cancerous Tumor Removed

The BBC has an update on the condition of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez: Chavez tells of surgery to remove cancerous tumour.

Mr Chavez said he underwent a first operation on a pelvic abscess on 10 June, just as officials had informed the Venezuelan public.

But during his recuperation, tests had "confirmed the existence of a tumour with cancerous cells", forcing him to undergo another operation. The extraction of the tumour had been "completely successful", he said.

He added that his condition had been "evolving satisfactorily" while he received a "complementary treatment to combat the different types of cells found, and thereby continue on the path to my full recovery".

"I deeply appreciate the demonstrations of solidarity by Venezuelans and other brotherly people," he said.

Chávez remains in Cuba and the story notes that it is unclear exactly when the address was recorded.  The situation continues to create some level of confusion for the Venezuelan government, as they deal with the indefinite absences of the head of state and government not only from his official duties, but from the country itself.  It is an extremely odd situation.

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