Congress Job Approval Back Down to Pre-Election Levels

According to a new Gallup poll, public approval of Congress has dropped down to where it was right before last fall’s elections.

According to Gallup’s monthly update on job approval of Congress — in a March 11-14, 2007, national poll — 28% of Americans approve of the job being done by Congress and 64% disapprove. This marks a substantial change from January and February, with approval down nine points and disapproval up nine points.

Gallup Congress Approval Trends

The current reading suggests that Americans are reverting back to their pessimistic attitudes of last year, when Congress approval ratings were in the 20s for much of the year.

That was one short honeymoon.

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  1. jeffreymark says:

    posts recent a Gallup Poll

  2. When she ran the races, set the agenda, and got the Democrats the majority in Congress, it was on a wave of negative publicity against President Bush. After she took over, with her kinder, gentler, less corrupt rule, we get this: [IMG]

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  4. Ugh says:

    When was the last time any congress had an approval rating better than 50%?

    Of course, my congressman is fine, it’s all those others that are the problem. /snark

  5. I suspect that the numbers reflect the left that had glorious visions of congress righting, um how about correcting, all wrongs. They now find Pelosi offering billions of dollars in pork in a democrat controlled house to get an Iraq funding bill that would keep US troops in Iraq until September of 2008. And of course, even if Pelosi can do enough log rolling to get the bill passed (questionable but possible), it is not likely to get through the senate or past a presidential veto. Hardly the vision the left had when the dems won congress.

    Its quite obvious that the dems have descended into a quagmire in congress and that it will be up to the American people to do something about it (say about November 2008).

  6. Newsflash: people still hate Congress…

    James Joyner notes that the public opinion numbers on Congress have reverted back to their long-term average of 28% approval after a brief “100-hours” honeymoon where “approve” only trailed “disapprove” by a mere 18 points. What may be more…

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