Dan Drezner Announced the Trumpies

Herman Cain has earned a nomination in a new award as proposed by Dan Drezner:

Named in honor of the erstwhile presidential candidate who really likes to name things after himself, the award can be earned by either a presidential candidate or one of his/her foreign policy minions. To score a Trumpie nomination, the person must satisfy two criteria during a single statement or exchange. First, the nominee must display a breathtaking ignorance of some bailiwick of American foreign policy or world politics. Second, the nominee must do this while simultaneously demonstrating supreme confidence in the factual and/or analytical rightness of their statement.

Drezner nominates Cain as based on his “right of return” comments.  If you have not seen the actual comments, I recommend surfing over and watching the video and reading the commentary, as it is spot on.

And, if there was a domestic edition of the Trumpies, Cain would get a nomination for his Declaration/Constitution mashup that I noted yesterday, as it fits the criteria set down by Drezner perfectly.

Update: Earlier I forgot to tip the hat to OTB commenter Steve for pointing this out.

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