Donald Trump To Make Presidential Announcment On ‘Apprentice’ Finale

Donald Trump wants to make sure we all tune in to the two-hour live finale of his reality show:

Proving once again that Donald Trump knows a bit about publicity, the business man and real estate mogul will make an announcement on the season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice” about his intentions on running for the White House.

On the final episode of the popular TV reality show, Trump “plans to give an announcement date” for his decision on whether he’ll make a formal bid for the Republican presidential nomination, senior Trump adviser Michael Cohen confirms to CNN.

The season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice” airs May 15. In numerous interviews with CNN and other organizations, Trump has said he’ll make a decision on a White House bid by s

Newsmax reports that the finale announcement will in fact be the prelude to the announcement of a Presidential campaign:

If you wonder whether Donald Trump is serious about running for president, tune in to the finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on May 15.

Trump plans to say on the NBC show that he will be holding a press conference a few days after the May 15th show. At that press conference in the Trump Tower in New York, Trump will be announcing his candidacy for the presidency.

Of course, the cynical among us will say that leaks like this fit in perfectly with the theory that Trump’s flirtation with Presidential politics is really all about boosting his own brand, and the ratings of his television show. That certainly is a plausible theory. Another theory is that Trump really is serious about running for President.
Here’s what I think we’ll see.  At some point after this season of Celebrity Apprentice ends, Trump will announce that he is going to explore the idea of running for President via a series of tightly scripted, laudatory, speaking engagements around the country (he’s already booked to appear at a rally in Boca Raton, Florida on Saturday, and that the Iowa GOP’s dinner in June). The media will slavishly follow him around the country, partly because he’ll be one of the few candidates in the race, and partly because, well, he’s Donald Trump. Then, at some point in the fall, he’ll announce that he’s decided not to run because it’s time to start shooting the next season of, you guessed it, Celebrity Apprentice.
It’ll be a whole summer of the Donald Trump Media Circus. Enjoy.
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  1. Serpico says:

    Is it surprising that Trump is gaining popularity via fixed polls?

    Years ago, I predicted that the globalists would try to run Mike Bloomberg as an Independent voice, to water down the race if Ron Paul were to became too strong of a contender. But, it seems that the Wall Street is trying use Trump as their so-called *Independent*, instead of Bloomberg, which is pretty clever of them, because Trump is not timid like Bloomberg, but Trump is louder than Bloomberg and every bit as much the Warmongering Corporatist/Globalist.

    That said…

    MSNBC’s has strong ties to General Electric, so — sure — MSNBC will tell you that Trump is winning their polls. Fox News is the most popular haven for warmongering anti-American RINOs/Neocons and Wall Street crooks, so — sure — Fox News will tell you Trump is winning their polls. Newsmax is run by a Clinton-loving … Dick Morris worshiping … RINO/globalist, so — sure — Newsmax will tell you Trump is winning their polls.

    What do all of these assholes pollsters have in common? They habitually pretend that Ron Paul doesn’t crush every Republican candidate — including Trump — in morals, honesty, fundraising, troop support, Tea Party support, principles, foresight, straw polls, etc…

    Each week, these globalist corporations seem to magically conjure-up new polls that promote their puppets as “Tea Party Favorites”: Trump, Romney, Huckabee, Palin, Cain, Pawlenty, West — these are their so-called Tea Party Favorites, but __NONE__ of the Tea Party supporters that I’ve met would ever support these fucking frauds, only FAKE Tea Party implants [RINOS] support these frauds.

  2. Serpico says:

    Attention Doug:

    I can’t tell if my post went through or not, because your spam detector kicked my post into a spam bin (?) after I had refreshed my browser, so my post must now “be saved”, according to your site’s pop-up notification.

    If you’ll be so kind to save it and post it, I would appreciate it.


  3. I doubt that Donald Trump and Keith Olbermann are good buddies, and I realize that Trump is not connected with NBC’s news organization, but does NBC have any standards & practices for entertainers who express political views on the NBC network? Perhaps it’s just me, but I see a difference between someone coming on the Jay Leno show and saying he/she will run for President, and someone using his/her OWN show to say that he/she will run for President.

    My fear, of course, is that Steven Tyler and Ryan Seacrest will make a joint political announcement on the American Idol finale…

  4. anjin-san says:

    The GOP is little more than a bad reality TV show. This is news?

  5. Marc wantiez says:

    my name is Marc and i am 11 years old and i am extremly angry as a mixed race person that you are trying your best to make Obama look bad. Does it hurt you when America changes. Is there not better things to do than looking for Obamas birth certificate. i think you are not being fair on him because he is mixed race, if he was 100% white you would leave him alone, there is nothing wrong with being a black president infact he is doing very good and i respect him for that, what you are doing is not good. i also think it is dispicable that you are doing this. if he stops being president you wont be president, so you might as well stop what you are doing before this issue gets out of hand. might want to get a hair cut and go to the spa