Don’t Tell Thomas Friedman

John McCain is apparently lobbying New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg to endorse Mitt Romney:

John McCain is trying to convince Mayor Bloomberg to support Mitt Romney’s bid for president.

McCain — the GOP Arizona senator who lost to President Obama in 2008 — visited the mayor at City Hall yesterday to talk up the likely Republican nominee.

“I just came in to pay my respects to the mayor. He and I are old friends from many years back,” McCain told The Post as he left City Hall. “I told him that I just spent last weekend with Romney and I thought that Romney was on message . . . and tried to convince the mayor that we’ve got a winning campaign.”

I suggest the New York Times stock up on valium for the boys in the newsroom just in case Bloomberg follows McCain’s lead and puts a final nail in the coffin of the great Acela Corridor Fantasy.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Hey Norm says:

    I’ve said this a couple times before…this will be the most interesting endorsement this cycle…and it still means nothing really.

  2. al-Ameda says:

    I find Friedman’s columns to be interesting if not a bit pedantic. However, he must have an enormous sense of self-importance if he honestly thinks he has the power to ignite a third party /independent movement to get Michael Bloomberg elected.

    Maybe Tom has me fooled, perhaps he’s trying to get Bloomberg to run in order syphon votes way from …. Romney … no wait, Obama … oh crap, I give up.

  3. merl says:

    Tom Friedman doesn’t know anything abo ut politics at all. He writes columns all of the time about things he says he wants and will benefit America and they’re all things that Obama is trying to do. Or maybe he just wants anyone except for Obama to do them.