`Murica 1 Canada 0

Bald Eagle Goose

A Bald Eagle took a trip to Canada recently to send a message:

He got his goose.

The Vancouver Island Images Facebook page describes itself as “a place to explore and learn about this beautiful area.”

However, a bald eagle recently turned that beautiful area into a brutal-full arena when it absolutely crushed the spirit of a terrified Canada goose.

On vacation at Spider Lake Springs, Lisa Bell snapped photos of an encounter between a species known to beg for food and a flying death machine that’s the symbol of all that is “‘Murica.”

Noticing the scuffle, Bell grabbed her camera. “There was a whole bunch of noise to begin with,” Bell told CTV News.

Like Hulk Hogan after delivering a leg drop, the eagle went for the pin, holding the long-necked chump down on the ground. If birds could speak English and have an understanding of international monetary trends, that eagle would most assuredly be saying, “Taste the dirt. The U.S. dollar will always be stronger.”

The goose ultimately got away when the eagle adjusted its footing, but the message was sent. Don’t mess with us, Canada!

Speaking as someone who has lived in neighborhood in which these flying Canadian rats have become a nuisance, this is good to see.

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  1. Gustopher says:

    The goose got away? What an incompetent eagle.

    The eagle stopped to preen for the cameras, like some Reality TV star, rather than getting down to work. Definitely a Trumpian eagle. Someone must have color corrected the photo to make his head white rather than orange.

  2. I love the eagle’s “well crap, now what?” expression while standing on the goose.

    Also, they’re Canada geese, not Canadian geese.

  3. gVOR08 says:

    @Stormy Dragon: Well yeah. But if it was in BC it would have been a Canadian Canada Goose.

    There’s a bad, old grammar/airplane joke. Canadian fire service wants to buy two airplanes known as the Grumman Goose. Purchasing guy writes a letter to Grumman, “Sirs, we wish to purchase two Grumman Gooses'” Thought better of that and wrote, “Sirs, we wish to purchase two Grumman Geese.” Thought for a while and finally, “Sirs, we wish to purchase a Grumman Goose. Aw, what the heck, make it two,”

  4. Luonned Dumak says:

    Canada geese, the ultimate poop machine. I hate them. Here in Wisconsin they are nothing but pests., leaving their calling cards all over the place.

  5. Oldav8r says:

    @Luonned Dumak:

    “Like sh!t through a goose” Heck, they’re the gold standard.

  6. John H says:

    But it got away to breed more of these fecal factories. More biting, less “mission accomplished” next time big bird!